Certainly won’t be one I forget!

Most 40th birthdays are memorable. You get rude cards, thank you Wiz, Jimbly and Hanno in particular. You get lovely presents, flowers, messages, you feel loved. Particularly when one of your cards has come from @StephenFry because your best friend had queued up and shoved it under his nose to sign.

You do not expect to be in an emergency room with your son after watching him have a seizure for over twenty minutes.

Before I start this, you need to know that Peanut is fine. He is fine. He woke up well from the whole thing, the attending doctor at the Royal Children’s hospital was very happy with how he was sitting up in bed chattering away like a good ‘un this morning. But waiting mot of the night for him to wake up in the interim was horrible.

Popping my head round his door to check on him before we went to bed, it sounded like he was snoring, but it didn’t sound right. I looked a bit closer, put the light on and called for Hubs. He called for an ambulance as I sat on the edge of Peanut’s bed. Having spent a lifetime first aid trained, I went into auto-pilot. It wasn’t until the ambulance crew arrived, assessed what was going on and calmly told us they needed another crew to help, that I dissolved. I took a picture of the two ambulances outside our house, Peanut loves them and I knew he would want to see them (I was right he loves the picture – but yes it felt odd).

Both ambulances

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