Happy Valentines! Happy Belated Galentines! Happy Friday to you all.

I’m not sure about all the red roses that are forced out under blow torches for this day of the year. They certainly don’t smell of anything so are really not worth the $$$ they cost – give me some freesia’s any day. I wanted to have a picnic tonight with the three of us, but as Melbourne will be under a torrent of rain, we’re going to have pizza instead.

I’m avoiding the news now, I use to try to stay well informed, but as we hurtle towards dictatorships in the USA, Australia and the UK with press restrictions, government advisers being ignored and politicians riding roughshod over guidelines for just about anything to get their way and their votes, coz it’s conservatism is all about capitalism and while it’s tenuous grasp is getting looser; it’s going to be a big boom from the improbability drive before normality can be resumed.

And that’s before we get to the climate crisis.

Anyone know where I can purchase some sunglasses that turn pitch black at the first sign of impending peril?


Talking with Archie this morning, we said “Happy Valentines!” and when I said that it was a Hallmark Holiday, he got excited and thought he had a day off school. Sorry buddy.

I made him pancakes for breakfast (served with extra Hallmark love) as we had some buttermilk left over after cooking Samin’s Buttermilk Roast Chicken. We’d been promising him them all week and he was so patient with us as each day hurtled into the next, I was glad to finally be able to pack him off to school covered in Maple Syrup.

Archie’s settled in well to Grade Three, we met his teacher earlier this week and so our routine is established. Monday rolls around, whizzes through to Friday, the weekends fly by and it’s Monday again. Hubs and I have started having a weekly planning session between Tae Kwon Do and swimming classes on Saturday mornings. Held at McDonalds (ease of parking, ok-ish coffee and playground for Arch to charge around in), we talk through the week we’ve just had, prep for the coming one and catch-up with each other.

We’re building on habits, layering up routines and mostly trying to stay sane as a family. We’re getting there, celebrating our wins, recognising our foibles and with the help of lists, spreadsheets and coloured pens herding our lives into some semblance of shape for 2020.

I’ve not had the best week, I’ve been grumpy and a little bit lost in myself. So then I retreated into my phone, which made things worse, so I had some wine, which made things worse. I finally came up out of my stupor on Thursday night, watching Little Women. Which as soon as I possibly can will be buying on DVD and watching at least weekly.

I loved the March Household growing up, with Little Women, Good Wives and Jo’s Boys on hard rotation all giving me vivid images that were echoed through the movie. The girls’ Pickwick Club and Meg heading off the debutante ball and getting gussied up, were two proper heart-swell moments. It was a beautiful movie about sisters and friendship, and I’m pleased it’s going great-guns at the box office still.

Galentine’s Day to celebrate female friendship is from episode 22 (I think) of Parks and Recreation, which I adore and find hilarious after working in Local Government where you literally can’t buy sh!t (see #SportsRort).

Can we start asking What Would Leslie Knope Do? The world would be a much better place if we did.

What would Leslie Knope Do?