Deep dive book club

Here are the deep dive books I’m going to interrogate this coming year. I’m going to be too restrictive on this study pile as I’ve learned don’t box yourself into life too tightly! If another book speaks to me, it will get added.

Deep dive book club

From the left:

Steering by Starlight, Martha Beck

Wherever You Go, There You Are, John Kabat-Zinn

Spiritual Liberation, Michael Bernard Beckwith

A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle. I’ll be revisiting the handy chapter breakdown, 10-part series Oprah did too.

Australia Day, Stan Grant

Becoming, Michelle Obama

Everything is Figureoutable, Marie Forleo

Sane New World, Ruby Wax – not pictured because the book itself is in transit. I’ve listened to the audio-book twice though.

I’ll let you know how I go, and if through this self-imposed study I find the answers to life, the universe and everything.


I took myself off to the beach today. I’m now sunburnt behind my knees. I also have a red patch on a thigh. Got to love intermittent sunscreen application.

I had a great time, I just laid on the beach – watched the world go by and listened to Ruby Wax’s Sane New World. Which will be one of my few deep-dive books, along with Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. I’m also going to revisit the Oprah’s 10 part course where you drill down into each chapter. I also remembered I brought Jon Kabat-Zinn Wherever You Go, There You Are and added that to the list.

That’s three. I’ll have a look when I get back home as to what else tickles my fancy.

We’ve got another couple of days here at the beach, then back home and enough hilarity, back to reality.

We’ve put on Order of the Phoenix for Archie, the first time he’s watched it. Not too many questions so far, that Delores Umbridge is truly awful…

Hammocks and hummocks

I love lazing around on a beach – but I can’t remember the last time I did it properly; I think it was when I was pregnant with Peanut. We visited the Out-laws over Easter and ANZAC day, went to Noosa Beach for the day, which doesn’t really count. My last beach holiday was Morocco for a week in October 2006, a longer one would be Cuba for two weeks in 2003 (?), endless summer days burning my feet on the pebbles of my home-town beach until I moved on in 2000.

I honestly do not know when I am next likely to lay rotisserie chicken style on a lounger, wading through a stack of books, dozing, laying on my back in the warm sea, ears full of water, looking at the sky. With a chaotic three and a half year old, it won’t ever be relaxing break on holiday, for a while at least. If I’m lucky, I’ll get the odd day here and there, but I fear a whole two weeks lounging around doing SFA will be a few years off.

I’m writing this listening to a Big Bash Twenty20 match, Jacques Kallis (be still my heart), Mike Hussey, Daniel Vettori and Andrew Flintoff are currently batting and bowling respectively. Aside from reaffirming what I’ve said for years, that playing T20 matches is no a young-mans game, you need a solid cricket career to play well in the shortened game – it really good cricket with sixes flying around all over the place. AND it is really good to see Flintoff bowling again after stuffing his knee so comprehensively a few year ago.

Ah, knees. I’ve been given the go-ahead to start exercising again. Albeit slowly and with lots of strengthening exercises, and (gloom) lots of swimming on the horizon. I say gloom, as when you’ve swum for as long as I have it’s really sodding difficult summoning any enthusiasm for yet again plodding up and down. I’m going back to basics with the running, starting Bikram again in the new year.

The hammock on our deck I can see out the window, but the last time I sat in it, I got eaten alive by mozzies. Finding time to sit down, to stop, is nigh on impossible. My mind doesn’t shut off easily, so I need to sit down with a book or catch up on a recorded program, but then I’m usually folding washing. Bikram is a 90 minute meditation, your brain really does not have room to stuff about, you have to concentrate on each pose. Running? I leave so much baggage behind me, it surprises me I don’t fall over any suitcases when I circle back and complete my route.

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