I’ve come down to the spare room to sleep tonight, I’m coughing that much and am so hot, I can’t get comfortable. Hubs has to work tomorrow, I’ve already called in sick for the day. I’ve got a cat snoring by my feet and my son asleep in his room muttering to himself next door. … More Stardust

To-do list

Last night I wrote a to-do list for today, the public holiday for a frickin horse race. Hair – dye it Toes – paint them Change beds Washing Wardrobe – Project 333 selection Shopping Cooking Spare room I (as normal, and as most women do), anticipated more than I could do. Hubs made pancakes, after … More To-do list

If you had been here

Inspired (again) by Carole’s post about her good weekend, here’s my post on this past week: If you had been with me this past week… You’d have sat beside my bed for a long time, as that is where I’ve spent most of it since I left work on Thursday lunchtime with a sore throat, … More If you had been here