Going Viral

I had an odd week last week. Hubs had to stay home to look after me one day, which unless I’d had surgery, was unheard of before now. Archie came in to kiss me goodnight, surveyed the state of me, then kissed me on my head. The next morning he appeared beside my bed and … More Going Viral


I’ve come down to the spare room to sleep tonight, I’m coughing that much and am so hot, I can’t get comfortable. Hubs has to work tomorrow, I’ve already called in sick for the day. I’ve got a cat snoring by my feet and my son asleep in his room muttering to himself next door. … More Stardust

To-do list

Last night I wrote a to-do list for today, the public holiday for a frickin horse race. Hair – dye it Toes – paint them Change beds Washing Wardrobe – Project 333 selection Shopping Cooking Spare room I (as normal, and as most women do), anticipated more than I could do. Hubs made pancakes, after … More To-do list