What I want for Mother’s Day

Hubs asked me in all seriousness earlier this week if there was anything I wanted this Sunday, stating that as I was running The Mother’s Day Classic 8km, which starts at 7:15 – I wasn’t going to get breakfast in bed.

I thought long and hard about it. I am actively reducing things in the house, most weeks there is a bag or a box of stuff being donated to charity. I’m trying not to buy anything unless we absolutely need it, Peanut got two pairs of shoes last weekend for example. I did a trip to Officeworks yesterday to get some notebooks for work and a restorative trip around the aisles, satisfying my stationery fetish. I treated myself to some things, and had a very pleasant lunch break.

I don’t want for anything, I don’t need anything so I said to Hubs, “Please don’t get me anything. If you want to spend any money, buy me something from my Kindle wish list”. We’re having lunch with my brother and sister in law, so memories will be made – that is more important to me than some piece of tat that I’m going to feel guilty getting rid of when I’m sick of it collecting dust.

So What I want for Mother’s Day is for everyone who has a mother to call them. Everyone who has lost a mother, to be called and everyone who wants to be a mother, to be called too. Tell people you love them, recognise that for a lot of people, tomorrow will be difficult – be gentle, considerate and kind.