Work in progress

Sooooo, I learned that I do not honour or am proud of being sober yesterday. We had our Book Club break-up at a wonderful private house in Camberwell. We mooched around the garden, took masses of photos and were offered lemonade, fizz and Pimms. I asked for lemonade. I got this. Then my glass was … More Work in progress

I just can’t even

Waking up this morning to the confirmation that Robin Williams had indeed taken his own life, has left me unutterably sad. A friend shared a status on Facebook last night, someone was venting “that 23 returned troops would also take their lives today, but no-one will hear about them”, as she said, it misses the point completely. The depth … More I just can’t even

On vulnerability

I listened to Woman’s Hour on the way to visit a girlfriend today, Brené Brown was on talking about vulnerability. I’m going to listen to her TEDTalk, when I’ve finished this. I’m also going to buy her book. ‘Why?’ I hear you all ask excitedly. Brené talks about perfectionism, and about how if you try to … More On vulnerability