Alright, give me a Hamm on five, hold the Mayo.

Hubs and I are working on getting our new routine into place with me working away from home again. I say ‘away’, it’s 14km (8 miles) away. On a good day, I whizz through in 20 minutes. The longest it’s taken was one night, when it took 45 minutes to get home.

My new BossLady lives in Geelong and drives up each day. Two hours. Although today the traffic was feral, so it took her three. I got a train to London each day, which was about 90 minutes. By Thursday, I was buggered (technical term). How she drives that far, 92km (57 miles) and functions as a human I don’t know.

The only way we’re getting through the week is getting as much done as we can the night before, batch-cooking and stocking the freezer to grab dinners out. And packing lunches before we go too.

I’m still aiming for high protein, low carbs. I cannot be stuffed with macros, life is too short for that; but I aim for around 20g of carbs a day, which when you don’t have gluten is easy. I eat buckets of greenery like spinach, salad leaves, cucumber and celery as they’re ‘free’ – and top-up the total with other veggies. Sprouted seeds (yummeh), broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, zucchini and eggplants (courgette and aubergine in English).

Sometimes I just pile it all into a lunchbox and pick at it, I’ve also got a jar of nut butter in my desk drawer. Other times I’m more culinary and make a proper salad. Either way, I’m happy.

With the greenery goes at least one boiled egg, cheeses and cold meats. We had bratwurst for dinner tonight, we’re all looking forward to cold brattys tomorrow!

For the flights I’ve packed some rice puddings, muesli / protein bars and today a travel mixed-pack of my post-run protein shakes arrived; along with a whey hot chai drink, which I’m road-testing as I type. Probably a bit too sweet for me to have too often, however I did get those for emergencies.

I love my food, but I can’t run the risk of having something with gluten in if I get desperate en route. My tummy is still not 100% happy; my IBS is in flare up with me being a bit stressed and frazzled. The last thing I need or want is a #CoeliacMoment in the plane [horror emoji] it’s bad enough using the bathrooms on a plane at the best of times.

I made Hanno’s bed again tonight, the suitcase is on there and the UK trip herding has begun again.


If you’re talking to me and I don’t answer, it’s probably because I didn’t hear you. I’ve got an ear infection in my left ear, then at the weekend I woke up with my right cheek sinus feeling like it was going to explode for good measure. Consequently, my head is ringing, if I lean forward too far, I can feel everything sloshing around. Grim.

I booked an appointment with the GP for Friday morning because I’d spent the week trying to clear what I thought was water from my ear after two hours in a floatation tank. Which was bliss, except for the crackling ear. She looked in my right ear, then my left and told me that my ear drum instead of being concave was convex, and said that I was ‘brewing’ something as I wasn’t firing on all cylinders. She then gave me a ‘flu shot, (I’d missed mine at work as I was in the UK), and sent me off with a prescription for ear drops.

Saturday was spent pottering about, then parked on the couch to watch the Lions tour match against provincial New Zealand Barbarian, known as Baa-Baas which made us all laugh. I went to bed early, woke up on Sunday feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. I wafted all morning, got myself together in the afternoon to head out the house with the boys. As we got shoes on, I was explaining to Peanut I had a ‘window’ of energy I could use. He’s been invited to a Prince and Princess dress-up party, so after pinterest-ing a bit, I found something I could do (and cope with), $30 later I found everything I needed, Hubs then took us for afternoon tea.

In the car on the way home, from the shops 20 minutes from our house, I fell asleep. Hubs packed me back off to bed again, where I stayed until this morning. Man was that shower great, although have you tried not getting an ear wet in the shower??

I did my meditation this morning, choosing ‘Intention’ on Buddhify, When I was asked what was my intention, get up, show up, popped into my head. I sprung out of bed, stripped it, put the duvet to air; stripped Peanut’s bed, am airing his duvet; ran a load of washing and hung it up; made lunches; enjoyed my shower and generally got going again on life.

I listen to Osher Günsberg’s podcast (and support him through Patreon), this week he was having a chat with Bridie O’Donnell, who’s another one of my favourite humans. She’s a doctor, has ridden professionally, she broke the hour record in a velodrome and specialises in providing life advice to people, motivational interviewing. Not just about drinking less, eating better, moving more, but creating a framework to hang your stuff on to make changes in your life.

Which brings me to the purpose for this post, I was pi$$ed off I’d not checked off my days, or did my plank, or did a long run over the weekend. My body was screaming out for me to rest, so I did.

I know that I missed heaps of stuff this weekend, but I will get back on track this week. Bridie in the conversation I listened to this morning was saying most athletes don’t want to train everyday, but there are lots of external forces that contribute to them training every. single. day. Don’t wait to be motivated to do it, get your kit ready and say ‘I’ll feel better when I’ve done it’ the delayed gratification is what you’re aiming for with health changes.

Now doesn’t that make y’all feel better? Knowing that you can make a choice every time you eat, that if you fluff up at one meal, enjoy that meal, but choose better the next, even the next mouthful. Don’t pi$$ up the wall the whole day. Relapse is part of the change process, notice it, move on.

Get up, show up, don’t give up. Incremental, daily changes, but if you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Have patience with yourself, compassion for yourself and recognise the simplicity in the now. Eat well now. Take time to rest now. Exercise now.

We got this. Be here now.




Would you look at that?

Firstly, apologies for not blogging properly for a while.

I went to my GP two weeks ago who listened to my symptoms, he asked me what was going on and after ruling out asthma worsening (amongst other things) put me on fluid retention tablets. My ankles were puffing up, at 10am. I was really out of breath doing the most basic of things, like walking into the office and to my desk. And you know women are supposed to ‘glow’; after a walk at lunchtime three weeks ago, I looked such a state and took so long to get my breath back, one Manager thought they’d need the crash trolley. Not reassuring.

R (GP) is great, he ordered blood tests (still sporting  bruise), an ECG (totally normal) and prescribed these tablets. I have to take one in the morning, as basically it forces my kidneys to work a bit harder (she said diplomatically). R said if I got light-headed, as they can affect your blood pressure, to let him know, they didn’t but did affect my digestive system (she said even more diplomatically). I felt awful the first day of taking them; so bad I had to go back to bed. The second day I wasn’t great, but pushed on through, getting better as the day wore on. By midday on the third day, Wednesday, I felt back to normal.

By the first weekend: I was sleeping through the night; I had more energy; I wasn’t a puddle when I exercised; my mind was clearer; my ankles weren’t swelling up and now two full weeks in, I feel literally like a new person.


This was me yesterday, in the middle of a 16km run. I’m on top of the Bolte Bridge in Melbourne. Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have had the energy to complete the run. I don’t care that it took me 2hours, 24minutes to get round. I don’t care that I walked most of the last 10km, as I know K and I ran probably 8km in total. I started off and ran over 2km without having to stop, normally I’m blowing out my butt (technical term) by 1km and have to stop to catch my breath. The only reason I had to slow down yesterday was because we were running in the Domain Tunnel, I was dressed as Wonder Woman and the cape was so hot over my shoulders – I was melting. Once repined around my waist, off we trotted again.

Inside the tunnel, the single best thing happened on the run, even better than me completing the run if I’m honest as it gave me goose bumps. Somebody shouted ‘Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!’ the whole tunnel shouted back ‘Oi! Oi! Oi’ – it was magical. Continue reading “Would you look at that?”

Back in the saddle again

Apologies for the ear worm!

This past week I’ve done two Bikram classes, run nearly 7km and walked another 14km. I’ve also given up coffee. Let’s just pause to acknowledge the caffeine withdrawal headache here. Holy moly, it’s a killer. I’m working towards not even drinking decaf, but lets do it one thing at a time.

The weather in Melbourne this week has veered from 42c, blisteringly hot with storms and bushfires; to 20c, piddling it down with rain and lots of fire-people thinking ‘Thank goodness’. This weekend will be miserable again, but at least it gives everyone a chance to get fires under control, particularly in South Australia where they’ve had a horrendous time of it the past week-ten days.

I’ve been enjoying exercising again, although I’m still wary of my knee, so I’m not going gung-ho. I don’t want to break myself all over again on my way back from injury, therefore I was very pleased when both yoga teachers this week told me that I’d not lost my form or technique, I just needed to build my stamina and strength back up again. Given that I thought I was either going to fall over and / or be ill this morning in the class, that was a great compliment.

Mind you after the class on Tuesday night, I was so stiff I could barely move. Today’s class at 6am took a while for me to get in the groove. I’m hoping to get to a class over the weekend, it just depends on our diary. But I am running on the tan on Sunday morning with KB and her trainer. Apparently, hill sprints will be involved in the training session. Joy. We’ve plotted out our runs for the year, culminating in 21km or half marathon for the Melbourne Marathon festival. Gulp.