Trust the process

I started doing 8 Weeks to Wow at the beginning of September. Yes, yes, Osher pointed me in the direction of Chief and Emilie Brabon; but it was more the exercises that have helped his head-space that I was interested in.

I’ve not deviated from the eating plan, mainly as it’s ridiculously easy. Barely any carbs, which isn’t an issue for me as I don’t have them often anyway. Minimum of 150g of salad leaves a day, have you seen how much that is? Unlimited egg whites, 2 egg yolks a day, palm sized amounts of lean meat and low fat cheese, yoghurt with <6g of sugar per serve, plus practically every other vegetable, herbs, spices etc.

I’m having bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, an egg, plus another couple of egg whites to scramble it all together for breakfast. An epic salad with a boiled egg, or smoked salmon, or cheese, roasted veggies for dinner, and if I get hungry there’s unlimited celery and cucumber to munch on, with the additional egg if I’ve not had it at lunch time.

My head is clearer, I’m sleeping better and combined with the Steptember challenge at work I’m hitting over 10,000k a day on a regular basis, I’ve also been for a couple of runs. I’ve not drunk anything since Sunday 2nd September. And I’m very happy with that.

But man, the exercises are hard work. If I sneezed, coughed, laughed or stood up or sat down, it hurt. I shuffled up and down stairs, creaked and groaned for the first couple of days, I had to stop exercising as I could barely move. Just as I was getting ready to get going again, Arch woke up with a temperature and sore throat on Friday. Saturday we were all ok, Sunday I woke up feeling weird, lightheaded and dizzy. Monday I had a thumping headache. Tuesday Hubs woke up coughing, and went to the doctors on Wednesday. He’s still not right, and is starting antibiotics tomorrow (Sunday) as per GPs directions; I did suggest today as he had to go back to bed this afternoon, but as I’m not the GP… If he’s no better in a couple of weeks, he’s being tested for glandular fever. Yup, you read that right.

Hubs and I joke about having a normal week. We don’t think we’ve ever had one where what we’ve planned has panned out. At least we’re happy going with the flow. Trust the process, the end result is worth it, even if the route there is less than direct.

I was right, it does hurt

Yesterday lunchtime I went to a boxing class at the gym down the hill from work. I was an ‘odd bod’ so was paired up with the instructor, affectionately known as Hercules. Instead of doing any spotting for my buddy, I did all the punching twice. I worked hard, as I had no-where to hide. Have you tried doing push-ups with boxing gloves on? You rest on your knuckles, it hurts.

Then as I’d managed to successfully miss the three Bikram classes I’d been planning to get to since last week, (1. turned up on the wrong night, 2. BBQ blowing out on Father’s Day delaying lunch to dinner, 3. feeling rough on Monday), I went to a class last night as well. I couldn’t complete the whole thing, it was the first one back in four years so I need to get used to the heat again. My balance isn’t the best at the best of times, so I wobbled a bit out of some of the poses and towards the end of the floor section I was just running on empty, still I went and am going again on Saturday morning. I was impressed by how much I remembered though, I found myself grinning at my reflection at one point.

I thought about packing my gym stuff again today to go for a run, but decided against it. It can wait until tomorrow. I’m a little bit tight. Only in every muscle of my body.