So I’ve reset my sober tracker. I’ve reset my exercise program. I’ve spring-cleaned the bedroom and am starting again. Again.

I had a huge moment of clarity in the shower too, when I feel valued and useful at work, my whole mood / day / life flows better. When I am feeling lost and useless; that is when my mood slips, alcohol and carbs creep in and downward spiral I go.

Who’s going to be working on their self-worth rather hard?

I’ve signed up for a four week intensive coaching course with Emeli, it’s come along at just the right time and to be honest, if she’d offered it to me a week ago – I probably would have brushed it off. The catalyst for me to grab life by the horns (to mix my metaphors) is a series of blood tests that I paid for two weeks ago; I’ve been requesting a different thyroid profile test done, but the GP surgery won’t do them so I ordered them online, the last result arrived on Friday afternoon.

Guess what? While my TSH level is in the normal range (this is the only one the GPs will agree to test), everything else is haywire; both types of antibodies and my RT3 levels (Reverse T3) are particularly high. I’m not a doctor, but using the information provided to me a few years ago by a nutritional physiologist, I know that I need to get a grip on my diet – and pronto.

Back to the high protein, low carb I go. Ideally getting into ketosis within the early part of next week, because when my insulin levels stabilise, the rest of my hormone pathway will follow, including my thyroid and cortisone levels.

I’m going to use my sheer-bloody-mindedness to get me through. I’ve done it before, so I can do it again. Then, I need to keep it going so that I don’t have to restart.

Oh lordy

I weighed myself yesterday morning. One was not amused.

It’s been about a year since I hurt my knee, since then I’ve run a bit, but not as much as I had been and haven’t really been doing anything much at all if I’m honest.

The weight has crept on, but having said that, I can’t fit in any of my work pants, so am wearing jeans to work. I do not want to buy any more trousers, I need to get the weight off so I feel like me again.

It started today. I’ve got a plan I’m following, and am hoping that I will be back in work trousers in a few weeks.

Will keep you posted.