I’m a little bit distracted

I collect Mum from the airport tomorrow night. Going to get a coffee this morning with a colleague, I said that I all I can think about is: Mum is coming, Mum is coming! I need to do some work but Mum is coming, Mum is coming!

Tonight I’m going to watch Stephen Fry’s talk that he gave in London about his new volume of autobiography, More Fool Me. The talk was recorded and is showing in cinemas over here, I’m taking myself off on my own. As I said to KB when we were watching Gone Girl last Friday, it’s one of my guiltiest pleasures, as I get to watch what I want to watch. It also means we don’t have to find a babysitter if we go in separate trips. In the last week I’ll have gone to the cinema three times, which is unheard of, particularly since the arrival of Peanut. Until we saw Forrest Gump, Hubs and I worked out the last film we watched at the cinema was Life of Pi. Not that long ago, but still less than we both would like.

I’m hoping that by seeing my beloved Mr Fry I will relax a bit. Here’s hoping any way. I’ll drive Olaf off on my own into the sunset, swinging past the supermarkado to get some groceries on the way home. Does anyone else do about a million and one things at once, or is it just us girls? I can’t just get groceries, I need to drop dry cleaning off, or collect it, go to the post office or the chemist. Heck, I live for the day when I can wake up and think, ‘I do not have to do anything today’. I may get one of those in a week or so when Mum and I head off to Canberra, the biggest decision we’ll need to make is what exhibition to view.

I’ve also got Friday off work, I’d only taken a half day, but BossMan extended it to a full day – yay! Although, we’ve got a plumber coming out at some point as we’ve got issues with the sewer – boo! I’m hoping they can sort it out without having to take the whole bottom deck up, as that would be a right PITA.

I was going for a walk/run today, but sat at my desk and read the paper instead. My hip is hurting still, I didn’t think I’d do myself any favours running on it. It’s maddening. I’m doing my exercises, and it’s getting better, but so slowly.

I’m aware this is a bit fragmented, but Mum is coming, Mum is coming!


The weekend away: dragons, Uncle Fester and vamps – oh my

Hanno, Hubs’ best friend, is an “Am Dram”. His local society this year put on Haunted Halloween, being in a small country town with no theatre, the play is performed in the community hall. The ticket price also includes a meal, with the show coming after the main course and desserts in the interval. Every year since he started appearing on stage, we’ve travelled up to see him to offer our support and cheer him on, except one year as Peanut was only six weeks old, we understandably gave that play a miss. The following two years I had to miss the play as Peanut decided to pick that weekend to be ill. This year, Hubs was on point to be the parent-who-stayed-at-home-in-case-of-emergencies.

When we were encouraged to come in fancy dress it being a Halloween themed play and all, I twirled my moustache and started sourcing costumes for us. Finding a few toddler sized outfits on a couple of websites, Peanut said he’d like to be a dragon. From there I asked Hubs who he wanted to go as. After thinking for a nano-second he said Uncle Fester, reasoning that shaving his goatee off, wearing a shroud and covering his head in face paint was probably the easiest costume. And it was. Now to mine.

Apparently being female, I need to either get boobs out, or legs, ideally both. Searching for a costume for me proved problematical insofar that I didn’t want ‘sexy’ as an option in the description. August is also the middle of winter here and where we were staying was likely to be freezing cold: I would need some coverage. I spent a night on the computer, eventually buying all three costumes from the one shop online, including a pair of boots with 5” heels. The box of goodies arrived two days later at work, opened up to all sorts of ooohs and ahhs, mostly at the dragon costume. Taking it home, Peanut liked it, but didn’t want to put it on. The next morning, all went quiet in the house (with a toddler, that’s never a good sign), I found him with the dragon costume out its packet. He’d got the shoe covers on and was trying to get his legs in the main body of the costume. When I asked if he wanted my help, he changed his mind about putting it on.

Packing on Thursday night to make sure I had everything I needed for my outfit, I put mine on. Peanut was intrigued at me playing ‘dress-ups’,  saying I looked like a princess. I asked if he wanted his dragon costume on – it was a success, it took half an hour for both of us to persuade him to take it off for his bath. Continue reading “The weekend away: dragons, Uncle Fester and vamps – oh my”