Back to Basics

I have issues with Facebook, I need it in my life (apparently), but I hate it. I am out of alignment with it. I find myself comparing myself to others, wondering why when I am doing the exact same things, I am not getting the same results. I am out of alignment with it because, … More Back to Basics

On social media

This morning, I deactivated my Facebook account. Again. I really struggle with the blasted thing, about a week ago I updated my status to say I was having a hiatus, if you needed me, wanted to talk, here is my mobile and email details again. Since then, I’ve had one text and one email. I’ve … More On social media

Ten on Tuesday – things I didn’t use to worry about edition

Carole has a wonderful topic for me this week. Ten things you didn’t used to worry about ten, fifteen or twenty years ago. Corrie ten Boom’s quote is sitting on my phone, on my desk looking at me. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength Since I saw that in … More Ten on Tuesday – things I didn’t use to worry about edition


In the past 18 hours I’ve deleted Facebook and Twitter off my phone. Reading about the Boston Marathon on the train in tears, with no tissues (natch), pushed me into a decision I’ve been hovering around for weeks. I’m done. I’m done attempting to socialise with people by sharing memes, funny pictures, and my random … More Socialising

A breach of trust

A couple of you have been in touch since I posted that they’re had been a breach of trust on Facebook. Without going into too many specifics, I think I owe you an explanation, so here goes. I met a group of lovely women in a BellyBelly forum, grouped together by two-week dates, you joined … More A breach of trust