Ten on Tuesday – David Bowie remembered

Despite my post last night, I’m still reeling from the news of David Bowie’s passing. I’ve dressed in black today too, on a 36c day, but I needed to do that, for me.

Carole hadn’t sent out our notification for Ten on Tuesday (sign up here), so amended it to our favourite Bowie songs, along with the wall to wall avatar changes on social media, tweets and airplay of his songs, I hope his family are feeling the world wide love towards him and them. If you’ve not found it, his narration of Peter and The Wolf is lovely too.

This is in no particular order:

1. Young Americans

2. Space Oddity

3. Boys Keep Swinging

4. Rebel Rebel

5. Dancing In The Street, with Mick Jagger

6. Fame

7. Ashes to Ashes

8. Fashion

9. Absolute Beginners

10. Starman

11. Under Pressure, with Queen

12. Boys Keep Swinging

13. Rebel Rebel

14. The Next Day

15. Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy

16. Let’s Dance

17. Lazarus

I tried to get it to Ten. Failed, I couldn’t cull it any further. Blackstar is such a soft, gentle album. It really is lovely.

I’m going to have a hangover 

And I don’t care. I had a glass of wine while I was cooking dinner, which was lovely. Butter chicken curry, chosen by Peanut, a really flavoursome, tasty meal.

After dinner, no gadgets at the table, I got up and texted Aged Parents and asked if they were up. They replied, “Just barely”. I got the iPad, went to open it up to FaceTime and in the middle of the screen was a news alert saying David Bowie had passed away.

I’m now finishing the bottle of wine, because I’m broken. Broken like I was when Freddie Mercury passed away. A true musical genius, absolute sponge to ideas, genres, producers – David Bowie changed the world. Genius is often bandied around, too often and not always accurately, but David Bowie was a genius.

I’m struggling for words here, so will close. But I want to leave you with something I don’t know many of you will have seen. An episode of Car Pool, (by another of my favorite humans, Robert Llewellyn, most commonly know as Kryten from Red Dwarf. Robert is a staunch green campaigner, and his gentle education around electric cars made me want to buy one. His Fully Charged episode where he picks up his Telsa is quite lovely, he’s as excited as a little boy).

This is Duncan Jones, talking about making Moon, (if you’ve not seen it, watch it), and his dad – David Bowie.

I’m off to watch Labyrinth, on repeat. Which is where I fell in love with him, when I was eleven years old. Thirty years he’s been a hero of mine. Thirty years. David Bowie’s musical career spans fifty years, with his last album released a few short days ago – only seven songs long, it’s beautiful.