This has been a long day

After taking Peanut to the GP yesterday, Hubs was told that at the first sign of him having difficulty breathing, we were to take him straight to hospital. We were woken up in the middle of the night by him coughing. I went down to Peanut’s room, he was wheezing and sucking air in. His temperature was up to 38.1 again. Laying him on our bed while we threw some clothes on, he was limp and listless.
We drove to the hospital, the change in air obviously helped, as did sitting in his car seat. He was chatting a bit, pointing out the petrol stations we passed, but despite giving him some paracetamol, he was still running a temperature when we arrived.
The waiting room was packed, and for a Tuesday night, busy with people who had had a skinful of alcohol. Waiting another two boys came in, one with a head injury, again drunk. A very aggressive man decided that he took umbrage and it looked like it was all going to kick off until a nurse came out and told him unceremoniously that unless he calmed down, they would not treat him.
It was scary, and not what I wanted my son to see. We were called into the children’s department, every single bed was full. Peanut was weighed and given 2.5ml of an oral steroid. Then we waited, trying to keep him quiet. After an hour I asked if we could go home please? The nurse took his obs, said it takes about an hour for the medication to work, would have been nice if we’d been told that to begin with, but they we go.
And we could go. So we did.
When we got home the cat then decided it would be a good idea to sleep on my pillow, lick my hair and make puddings all over me. Not much sleep was had.
I got to work a bit late, everyone asked why I was in. I prepped for two meetings, cleared my emails and came home. Made lunch and went back to bed.
I’d like to say that the afternoon was better, but after taking Peanut to the GP again, we got given some more steroids to take. Which he promptly threw up. We gave him a bath to clean him up, he asked to go to bed, at 5:30pm. We’ve just had a FaceTime call with my parents, I’m finishing this and going to bed. Hubs has rented Thor, chewing gum, but he’s enjoying it.
My back is very sore, you can’t not console your child when he’s ill, no matter what your osteo says. I know I’ve delayed my recovery, but what can I do?