Christmas and New Year break

Let’s have a recap on what I had planned over the break:

  1. Hubs didn’t have to go away, so he was at home on Christmas Eve after all. We spent that evening with Manny and Auntie Susie, Peanut opened some presents they’d brought over. We wrapped the rest of his to put under the tree while watching the Classic Album program on Graceland. It was a program I’d watched on TV in the UK, brought as a DVD and not watched, it turned out to be perfect wrapping viewing. And as it was nice and gentle, perfect wind-down viewing too.
  2. Christmas Day we opened up presents with my parents on FaceTime, had our boiled eggs and soldiers and then headed to the Botanic Gardens to have a picnic with Hubs’ dad and his wife, Pa and Nonie. It was lovely, but very hot, so after a couple of hours we headed home.
  3. Boxing Day, Hubs went to the cricket to meet up with a friend and his son, Peanut and I stayed home. During the day I developed a sore throat; we went for pancakes in the afternoon to just to get out the wee man out the house and were promptly caught up in a traffic jam of people trying to go shopping in the sales, we then spent a good hour at a playground running off some energy and maple syrup. When we got back, we pottered about, as Hanno was due down, so I got his room ready. We played with Christmas toys and generally had a nice day, Hubs came home, I croaked at him and we watched The Descendants.
  4. Sunday lunchtime, we caught up with Pa and Nonie again, and Hubs’ brother and his family, we had a nice meal, exchanged more gifts, chatted and enjoyed ourselves. We came home and watched It’s A Wonderful Life, Peanut watching the whole thing. That’s my boy! Hanno went to the cricket all day and came back a bit windburnt, but happy.
  5. Hubs and Hanno went to the cricket on Monday together, my cold was in full flow, I just took Peanut to the local shops, he played in the local playground for a while, we then went to Target and brought some stuff in the sale, ate sushi and went home. exciting stuff.
  6. Tuesday, we went to the zoo (with everyone else in Melbourne) to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday. It was broiling hot, there were queues everywhere, but we had a good time. My nose running notwithstanding.
  7. Wednesday I stopped sneezing long enough to watch Star Wars with Hanno, at a 9am showing. Most odd, not only because we had to hunt for a coffee shop in the morning, (this is Melbourne, there should be coffee everywhere!), but also because people were eating popcorn at 9am too. Not sure the 3D added anything to the film, I’m looking forward to going to see it with Hubs in 2D on a normal size screen where I can see all the screen. We loved it, Hubs watched it today (Saturday) and seems a bit non-plussed by it all.
  8. Thursday was another hot day, so we toddled off to Doncaster early, had a coffee, wandered around in their air-con, had some lunch and headed home when us adults were getting ratty with all the other people meandering along, stopping for no reason and talking five deep in a narrow walk-way. I finished off one book, read another in one sitting, the whole house was asleep by midnight. Hubs snoring like a train, so I went down to the spare room and just got off to sleep, when Peanut woke up with the fireworks and came into me. After an hour of ‘They’ll finish soon, don’t worry’ I was just getting off to sleep again, when the cat decided he needed to run around, (he’d been shut in all day as it was so hot, then with the fireworks predicted he hadn’t gone out in the evening either as we’d never get him back in again). Just dropping off, Peanut needed to go to the bathroom and dragged me with him.
  9. Friday, cold returned in full force, I spent the day in bed. Moving for refreshments and not much else.
  10. Today I went to the GP and have been given horse-sized antibiotics to take, two doses in, I do feel heaps better. Hence me updating the blog with this and moving the page of books from last year to a post too. Mind you, I really shouldn’t have driven this morning, and almost passed out in the supermarket. I got lots of funny looks for wearing a hoody I can tell you, but as I was shivering, I needed to. Hubs has taken Peanut to a Twenty20 match at the MCG, they’ll be back later tonight.

All in all, it’s been successful, but not what I thought the break would be. I would dearly like to stop getting sinus infections particularly over Christmas! I’ve not caught up with all the people I wanted to, I’ve had to rain check on too many of you, I’m sorry.

Nevair mind, I’m off to start my first book for the year, and have another snooze. I’m good at snoozing.


We’ve a long weekend in Victoria for the Queen’s Birthday. Aside from our usual Sunday swimming lesson, a play date and a siesta, I’m taking advantage of the extra day to do some extra tidying up in the study/office at home. We’re doing ok at maintaining it, but the past few days in preparation of tidying it up, I’ve been herding stuff towards the room. Does anyone else do that? When I pack to go away, I lay stuff out on the spare bed, I can see what I’ve got, what I’m missing, what else I need to add to the pile and so on. It also means that clothes that I want to wear aren’t in my wardrobe, so I don’t wear them before the trip.

It was also my best-friend’s birthday in the UK. We talked in our PJs about the weekend, she’d received the gift I sent her (phew) and she told me her plans and updated me on her Hubs who’d had his knee hoovered out again. All went well with the op, and they’re off on their weekend away as planned. Hurrah.

Tomorrow we’re taking Peanut and his best friend to the museum, we’re going to watch a movie at IMAX and wander around looking at dinosaurs and whatever else takes the boys fancy. We then will have a mountain of ironing to do before the week starts again on Tuesday, back to work and back to childcare for Peanut after two weeks off. I’ll be leaving home early in case we have a little meltdown in the room as he’s not been there for a while. One thing I won’t be doing though is crouching down to his level, I was crouching to plant indigenous plants in the rain garden at work on Friday, the Baker’s Cyst behind my left knee popped through again. Luckily, it didn’t lock my knee and I’m only stiff and sore, I’m not completely busted again.

My right knee is suffering from ‘runner’s knee’ or ITBS. The past week it started to hurt about 3km in to my runs. I’d stretch it out and off I’d go, but when it repeated a couple of times, I took myself off to Jo to be looked at. I’ve got exercises, stretches and more specific areas to use my foam roller on.

My left shoulder is still getting better from when I fell over a few months ago, backstroke is not happening, but freestyle and breast-stroke I can do ok. But as I have to swim to try to get it to move, I swum and exercised in the warm water pool this morning. I’m loving that despite my best efforts, I’m still overweight, and getting broken and bruised. Makes me wonder why I bother really.

Ten On Tuesday – Pleasures edition

Carole has asked for Ten Guilty Pleasures this week.

Can I just say, that anything that gives you pleasure should not have any connotations of ‘guilty’ around it? All day long I listen to women discussing food, what they’ve been good with, what they’ve been naughty over, what they should and shouldn’t eat. If they do eat too much, what exercise should they then do to compensate for it. I’m a little bit over people punishing themselves for eating or drinking something they enjoy I can tell you.

I digress and am verging on a rant too. Here are ten things I take great joy in:

1. Lazy weekend mornings; these are so rare with a three and a half year old boy in the house, whenever we can get one it is to be savoured. I love reading the papers, drinking my tea, not rushing over breakfast, not clock watching having to keep an eye on the time to get to where we’re going on time.

2. Reading in bed; I cannot tell you how much I love retreating to my bed to read. The second house we lived in in Australia had a balcony off the main bedroom, I could open the door, take a pot of tea upstairs and read with daylight and fresh air coming in, snoozing should I feel so inclined. I love reading full stop, but particularly propped up on pillows, with a cat nearby, is just bliss.

3. Walking; I love walking, preferably somewhere green; but when I want to clear my head, I’ll drive to Luna Park and walk to Port Melbourne, have a cup of tea and walk back, all up about 10km by Port Phillip Bay. I’m proud that Peanut walks alongside us, not wanting to be picked up and carried, when we go to the zoo, we can often cover 4-5km looking at all the animals, he doesn’t complain once, just carries on happily, then falls asleep before we’re out the car park!

4. Running; Let me caveat this. I am not sure I like running, but I like the feeling when it’s over. Does that count?

5. Uninterrupted sleeping; see number 1. As any parent will tell you, you’re permanently tired. Talking with a colleague at work yesterday whose daughter started school this week, she was following a discussion on Facebook about other families bed-time routines. Most of the families that commentated said they eat dinner anywhere from 4:30 – 5:30 pm, with their children heading -to bed at 7:00pm. As we both work until 5pm, and both of us try to eat dinner as a family, we thought that eating at 4:30pm was – well, odd for one thing, and secondly impossible for us to achieve. We both aim to get our children to bed as close to 7:30pm as we can, but last night it was 8:30pm before Peanut settled, he had one of those fighting it to the last second nights. Dropping Peanut at nursery on Monday this week, I watched a lady in full make-up serenely taking her three children in the door. I’d just about managed a shower and got dressed. While I know there will be days when she’s sporting yesterday’s mascara and bed-head, while I’m in a co-ordinated outfit, this week I am running on empty and it’s only Wednesday.

6. Going to the cinema on my own; if you’ve not done this yet, can I please urge you to try it? I love being able to watch what I want to watch, I don’t have to share my popcorn (if I want any, but most often I don’t), I know I will adhere to the Wittertainment Code of Conduct and most importantly, I don’t have to worry about my companion not enjoying the film. It’s all about me.

7. A good roast dinner; not much to ask for, I know, but it’s one of my most favourite things. When I found a recipe for gluten free Yorkshire puddings to have with my roast beef, the mouthful of beef, pudding, gravy and horseradish sauce made me weep.

8. Red wine; I’d be tee-total except for this. And Hendricks Gin.

9. A deep tissue massage; alas I’ve moved away from my favourite massage therapist who took such wonderful care of me when I was pregnant. My osteo now does a bit of massage as part of any treatment, but I love a good pummelling.

10. A decent pot of tea; again not much to ask for, but sometimes impossible to get.

There we have it, I’m a woman of simple tastes!

I’m a little bit distracted

I collect Mum from the airport tomorrow night. Going to get a coffee this morning with a colleague, I said that I all I can think about is: Mum is coming, Mum is coming! I need to do some work but Mum is coming, Mum is coming!

Tonight I’m going to watch Stephen Fry’s talk that he gave in London about his new volume of autobiography, More Fool Me. The talk was recorded and is showing in cinemas over here, I’m taking myself off on my own. As I said to KB when we were watching Gone Girl last Friday, it’s one of my guiltiest pleasures, as I get to watch what I want to watch. It also means we don’t have to find a babysitter if we go in separate trips. In the last week I’ll have gone to the cinema three times, which is unheard of, particularly since the arrival of Peanut. Until we saw Forrest Gump, Hubs and I worked out the last film we watched at the cinema was Life of Pi. Not that long ago, but still less than we both would like.

I’m hoping that by seeing my beloved Mr Fry I will relax a bit. Here’s hoping any way. I’ll drive Olaf off on my own into the sunset, swinging past the supermarkado to get some groceries on the way home. Does anyone else do about a million and one things at once, or is it just us girls? I can’t just get groceries, I need to drop dry cleaning off, or collect it, go to the post office or the chemist. Heck, I live for the day when I can wake up and think, ‘I do not have to do anything today’. I may get one of those in a week or so when Mum and I head off to Canberra, the biggest decision we’ll need to make is what exhibition to view.

I’ve also got Friday off work, I’d only taken a half day, but BossMan extended it to a full day – yay! Although, we’ve got a plumber coming out at some point as we’ve got issues with the sewer – boo! I’m hoping they can sort it out without having to take the whole bottom deck up, as that would be a right PITA.

I was going for a walk/run today, but sat at my desk and read the paper instead. My hip is hurting still, I didn’t think I’d do myself any favours running on it. It’s maddening. I’m doing my exercises, and it’s getting better, but so slowly.

I’m aware this is a bit fragmented, but Mum is coming, Mum is coming!