Stormy weather

We’ve had a bit of a storm blow through over the past 24-48 hours, with more heavy weather predicted.  One of the Practices in the city had a flurry of cancellations late yesterday afternoon as people were advised to leave the city and get home as soon as they could.  Driving home yesterday I was … More Stormy weather


Now, I know I am a door-mouse at the best of times, but I think I have probably snoozed or slept over 24 hours in the past 36.  I was falling asleep as we were taking off on the flight to KL, missed a meal (!) as I was spark out, slept for about 7 … More *yawn*

Ladies what lunch

I've just met up with the lovely Sara over lunch in Selfridges. We've put the world to rights, gossiped, laughed and exchanged presents. On leaving there, I walked through Soho and China town and am now watching the world go by in Leicester square. I gave up getting served in All Bar One, so walked … More Ladies what lunch

Flights of fancy

There is something, if you pardon the pun, uplifting about hot air balloons. I love them, I love pictures of them, I love watching them waft serenely over the city. If I see one, I will always try and take a picture of it. So this story caught my eye. As did this photo:The Clifton … More Flights of fancy