Cross; yes, upset; oh yes, angry; you bet.

Why I hear you ask. My makeup artist on the big day sent me an email to cancel on me. A MONTH BEFORE WE GET MARRIED! So DO NOT BOOK OR USE Radiance by Tina Nikolovski;;

Who would cancel on a bride a month before?

Stormy weather

We’ve had a bit of a storm blow through over the past 24-48 hours, with more heavy weather predicted.  One of the Practices in the city had a flurry of cancellations late yesterday afternoon as people were advised to leave the city and get home as soon as they could.  Driving home yesterday I was buffeted around, and had the wipers on full blast at one point.  I drove through about 6 inches of standing water too.  Coming in this morning, there was debris all over the road, twigs, leaves, branches and a tree had blown down in a yard on my route in.  Mike was driving home last night and watched a tree fall into the road, then 4 cars pile into it in front of him.  He turned round and went home on the freeway, saying ‘I didn’t want to drive where there were any more trees!’


The building we are in at work creaks and groans, the big gum tree opposite that I watch the cockatoos sit in, chatter and look at the leaves has been swaying around like mad, the leaves blowing like a fighter pilot’s silk scarf.  We have a flat roof too, so when it rains, you can hear every drop.  When they are the size they were, hitting the speed they were yesterday, it was a bit bluddy noisy in here.


I am not too sure what this will do for the water situation over here, it came down too heavy to be of any use really.  I think most of it will have run off into storm drains and straight out to sea, I don’t know if any will reach the water table.  Even if it does, more and more people are having bores dug into their gardens to give them a supply of water for their plants, bottle water still is being produced by the gallon and that has to come from somewhere, it isn’t rain water they are using!


The latest on the car park out the back, (as I am sure you are all riveted and on tenterhooks to know about, it is driving us mad, so it’s only fair I update you all). We have had huge holes dug and filled, we’ve had men stand around scratching their butts while they work out what they are going to do about the kerbs and drains that they started at either end of the car park; but didn’t quite meet in the middle, just like the Watford Gap.  We are now coming in every morning to try and work out where we will park today, as they block off random areas to tarmac them.  Just when you think I can park there tomorrow, they close it off again to paint lines on it.  Open it up the next day, then close it off again so all the workmen can park there the day after.  We’ve given up and either park in the other long term car park; further to walk and risk of shopping trolley being pranged into your car, or in McDonalds over the road, or take our chances in the 2 hour slots on the street outside.  It’s like parking bingo, as people peer out the windows to see if they have a parking ticket; Big Mac wrapper under their windscreen wiper or shopping trolley rammed into their wing mirrors.


I woke up bright and early at 4am today, so am on my chin straps now.  I stayed up later too last night, but it still didn’t work.  I am not going to beat myself up about it, I will take a sleeping tablet tonight though, which should push me through to 6ish.  I keep yawning at work, much to their hilarity, but I am also losing concentration too, so will be leaving shortly.  I’ll have a disco nap when I get in for 20 minutes, so I can function as a human this evening, rather than a zombie and post myself off to sleep in sheer bliss at being back in my bed again.  It is such a lovely bed, so comfy, so huge!  When we go to sleep, the pair of us hang over the edge on our sides, so there is probably room for another couple in between us!


Now, I know I am a door-mouse at the best of times, but I think I have probably snoozed or slept over 24 hours in the past 36.  I was falling asleep as we were taking off on the flight to KL, missed a meal (!) as I was spark out, slept for about 7 hours on that leg.  Fell asleep again on the leg into Melbourne, again as we were taking off, I was nodding away in my seat.  When I landed I was wide awake, waiting for my boy on the other side of passport, immigration, customs and baggage handling can do that to a girl.  Yesterday afternoon, I had a snooze, and slept solidly for 5 hours.  I am now at my desk, thinking I don’t think I will make 6pm tonight before I crawl back into the arms of Morpheus.


It has nothing to do with the lovely, huge, brand new bed we took delivery of at all.  Ok, maybe slightly.  I felt miles away from DG last night, but that we can both nearly starfish and not touch each other is great.  As much as I love him, I want as much of the bed and quilt as possible, so at least for the time being, I think I am getting all the bed.  As soon as it warms up and he goes to his single duvet that is as thick as a teabag, I will be in seventh heaven.  I can’t wait to get back into bed tonight.


I booked a course of sun beds today, and showed the lady in the shop my random streak of sunburn, they are going to help me sort it out ready for the wedding.  She offered to St Tropez me, but I politely declined, explaining I only ever go orange and I don’t want to look like a WAG wannabe for ‘we do’.  I go in on Friday, to start rotisserie chickening myself ready for a backless dress.  Keep your fingers crossed folks.





Gresham Girls aka my coven

I wish I could write about how blessed I feel.
I don't have many true friends, no woman does but I have been so lucky that ALL of them have made time for me on my lightening visit to the UK. Whether having small children, breast cancer or just plain busy – I have been so lucky to catch up with all of them. Except Helen, I left her a note, tucked into her grave. One of the hardest things I have ever done, and still makes me cry to think about it.
Tonight I went out with; Becky, Xennya, Sheryl, Abbie, Anna, Katherine, Julie and even Peter popped along for good measure. I sit on the underground, squiffy, tears trickling down my face as I thank whoever is up there for blessing me with such friends.
People who love me, for me.
You have no idea how good it feels to get to the ripe old age of 34 and be able to count such strong women as my friends. You know who you are.
Thank you, thank you.

Ladies what lunch

I've just met up with the lovely Sara over lunch in Selfridges. We've put the world to rights, gossiped, laughed and exchanged presents. On leaving there, I walked through Soho and China town and am now watching the world go by in Leicester square. I gave up getting served in All Bar One, so walked over to Yates's and am chuckling at fat americans in the queue for theatre tickets.

I'll then cross over to Bank and meet with the Gresham ladies for a vino. We do that so well!

This morning I wandered around Trafalgar Square on the phone to DG while he tried to find me on web cams, gave up as he couldn't see me. I however, did wave at the Aussie cricket team, well their bus as it drove out to the ground. This test could be an interesting test to our relationship, an Ashes decider. Hmmm.

I've enjoyed my time over here, meeting up with family and friends, but some of my best times in the past 2 weeks have been when I have been on my own. Ladies, never be afraid of your own company! It is too precious.

The times, they are a changing

I've had another shift in me. I've spent the last 2 weeks in the UK, and I know I made the right decision to move to Australia. That much is clear, and was clear as soon as I landed, what isn't so clear is after I get back where my life will take me.

I know I am happy; I know I have a good, busy job; I know I am getting married; I know I am secure in the love of a wonderful man; what I don't know if the random clusters of sentences and plot lines will escape into fruition. It feels like it will, it feels like the time is right, it feels like – hope.

So many things have resonated within me these past few days. Meeting with old friends, people being pleased to see me. I know I live a disjointed life, I still feel as though I am straddling two countries, at times, but learning from experience, I'm going with my gut feeling.

I'm noting down the words that are wandering around in my brain, looking for a home on the page. Write about what you know, that is all I can do on here, and with all the compliments I get it seems to be working.

What I know for sure at the moment is sitting in Pizza Express, I wish I had my lap top with me, not my raspberry so I could start.

Flights of fancy

There is something, if you pardon the pun, uplifting about hot air balloons. I love them, I love pictures of them, I love watching them waft serenely over the city. If I see one, I will always try and take a picture of it.

So this story caught my eye. As did this photo:

The Clifton Suspension Bridge was one of those places I always wanted to visit growing up, and it didn’t disappoint when I did. Sometimes you build up objects in your mind, so they are naturally a disappointment when you see them in the flesh. But sometimes, just sometimes they can take your breath away – just like you hoped they would. Driving over the bridge (from left to right in this photo) was awesome, in the true sense of the word, it sent a quiver right through me, then walking back along it, seeing the metal holding it all together and peering over the edge at the river, made my hair stand on end. Byron Bay lighthouse was like that. Dan drove me there, I was hot, sweaty, my hair was a rumpled mess, as were my clothes from the drive into Byron Bay, but standing on the most Western Part of Australia, I thought the top of my head would come off and I started to cry. If ever there was a moment of sheer growth, that was it, where I thought ‘THIS is how far I have come. Look at me now you sonofabitch!’ If I had been there on my own, I would have run around whooping, maybe I should have.

I don’t know if I will ever get to take flight in a hot air balloon. Funnily enough I am not too worried if I don’t either, but I know that whenever I see one, it lifts my soul, my mood and fills me with joy that the people in the basket are having a whale of a time. I know I would be blissfully happy, until the burner went on; then I would jump, pee myself with fright at the noise, and be worried about the crash landing that is inevitable from the minute we lifted off.

So I will keep my feet on terra firma, watch from the comfort of the ground, grinning and happy enough with watching, ideally with a glass of Pimms in one hand and a BBQ’d chicken satay skewer in the other.