Work in progress

Sooooo, I learned that I do not honour or am proud of being sober yesterday. We had our Book Club break-up at a wonderful private house in Camberwell. We mooched around the garden, took masses of photos and were offered lemonade, fizz and Pimms. I asked for lemonade. I got this. Then my glass was … More Work in progress

Forty-five days

I’ve been sober for 45 days, the longest in years. I only nearly buckled once, when Archie had his meltdown at a birthday party. I stood in front of the wine rack and goodness me it was so tempting. I stood with my hands to my head as the bath ran; it could have been … More Forty-five days


It’s official, well kinda as I’ve not weighed myself yet, I do that in the mornings. But I know I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. I weigh more than I did when I was 37 weeks pregnant, I’ve had to buy new trousers and I feel, well, slow? Sad? Sluggish? I’m struggling with my cycle too … More Before

I know I’m not my thoughts, but they’re deafeningly loud

Trigger warning I took myself off to the doctor this morning, the traffic was awful, so Peanut had to come in with me. Unfortunately, this meant I couldn’t speak as honestly as I needed to the GP. I couldn’t ask for help as clearly as I needed to. How do you explain, within earshot of … More I know I’m not my thoughts, but they’re deafeningly loud


Trigger warning Started by Gavin Larkin after the suicide of his father, Barry, R U OK? is a simple but profound question to ask. Am I ok? Thanks for asking. Most days are now better than others, much better. I had a wobble a few weeks ago, but writing about 10 simple things that bring … More R U OK?