The lights were on, nobody was home

In our office, the standard indicator of “LEAVE ME ALONE I’m busy y’all” is headphones in.

Today I had one thing to do, formatting a massive legal document that instead of the four leisurely days originally I been given to complete the task, what with being ill, that was reduced to today. #wibble In addition to my headphones in I turned around to face my right-hand screen so had my back to people approaching my desk. I’d also forwarded my phone, switched off my emails after putting an out of office on and I’d stuck a $2 store windmill that was a foot and a half high on top of my desk, (another bugger off I’m busy indicator at our end of the office). Then I put a sign on said windmill saying “I was busy – please email me. If you talk to me, I will ignore you. If you continue to talk to me after reading this far, here’s a Paddington Bear hard stare.”

And I still had a steady stream of people coming up and trying to talk to me.

I got what I needed to do done at 3pm, but I had to go over the road to get a second cup of coffee and then headed over again to get lunch when I was having a sense of humour failures about my interruptions. I don’t often put myself on block-out and I know I’d not been well so people were asking to see how I was… But if a windmill and a picture of Paddington Bear staring at you can’t get your attention – there is no hope in the world.

This was the stare:


I was tired at 8:30, it’s now 9:26 and I think I’ve pushed into overtired and the second cup of coffee could come back and bite me on the butt for good measure.

Tomorrow in Australia we get the results of the poll on whether we should legalise same sex marriage. Hold each other close people. It’s about equality, not religion. It’s about recognising that a family, is a family, is a family. Our families are all made up of brothers and sisters, mums and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins – basically humans. We’re all human, and all the time people are treated as ‘other’ – they’re seen as less than. Which for me has been the rhetoric I’ve struggled with the most in the media.

It’s equality. You are equal to me, I am equal to you. Some are not more equal than others. I first read Animal Farm in 1990, it was published in 1945. Seventy-two sodding years ago, we do not need to be arguing, debating and voting on sodding equality still? Really? After the vote, who the hell knows what is going to happen. That part still isn’t clear. For all of you humans who are happily watching other humans get married to each other and the sky hasn’t fallen in; point and laugh that we had to have a vote to get this far.

Rant over.