Rogue One

This isn’t a review of Rogue One as such; more my thoughts in absolutely no semblance of order around the film I saw with Hanno on the day that Carrie Fisher passed away. I will try not to be spoilerific, but am not promising anything. As I don’t know where it will go, if you’ve not seen … More Rogue One

Bakers dozen

One of the girls at work had a no-spend year in 2015, partly to break her habits, partly to save some serious money for a house deposit. I’d been thinking about doing the same, but recognising that I have an overseas trip and a half marathon already in the calendar for 2017, I think spending … More Bakers dozen

Down time

We’ve had a relaxing few days, and have spent today pottering about the house while Hubs and Hanno went to the Test at the MCG. Hubs has a couple of weeks off, the longest time he’s had in ages. Plans are afoot for the beach, Healesville Sanctuary and walks in the woods with Peanut, who’s … More Down time