Bless me

I have a cold. Or rather it has me, I’ve spent a day in bed alternating hot and cold, razor blades in the throat, earache and a headache. Not what I needed, or wanted. I’m wafting in and out, listening to audiobooks dosing myself up on a 4hourly basis. As you do. I’ll be back … More Bless me

What a weekend

Well, I do not think we have ever changed so many nappies in such a short period of time. The bin is being collected on Thursday morning, thankfully not next week! Peanut’s poor digestive system has been working overtime, trying to clear the virus out. Literally. Yesterday we took him up to A&E, he was … More What a weekend

Strep throat

I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days, but I’m in bed and have been since Monday with an unbelievable sore throat. I’ve really got no other cold symptoms to speak of, the runny nose seemed to stop at the back end of last week, when I’ve been lying down for … More Strep throat

Murphy’s law

DG, my much beloved is coming down with something.  When he gets poorly, he gets poorly, he will usually spend a couple of days in bed, get back up and for another six months, year or so he’s fine.  He stores up all his lurgy and gets it over and done with in one hit.  … More Murphy’s law

Have a little respect, at least for other people!

I read on The Times website that Tesco has banned people from wearing pajamas while visiting their stores. Couple that with the people of Walmart website, where Americans submit photos of the truly horrendous outfits that people wear to go shopping, admittedly this is Walmart, but still. How people can be happy leaving the house, … More Have a little respect, at least for other people!