On Project 333

I’ve been thinking about what 33 items to include in the Project. I’m pretty comfortable with my list. First here’s a picture: Right, here’s the list: Grey Suit Black shift dress Charcoal grey trousers Black trousers Long black skirt Navy Trousers Black Fisherman trousers Grey Fisherman trousers Blue jeans Black cardigan Flowered cardigan Blue shirt Pink … More On Project 333

Black and white

I’ve had an epiphany this week, which some of you will find funny, but in the process of clearing my head, I quite often clear out things at home. Ask Mon Bears, because the amount of stuff I donated or threw away after my first marriage broke down amazed them. I was in a little … More Black and white

Project 333 Redux

I’m in the middle of a cleaning fest. Which can only mean one thing to Mon Bears, black bin bags of things are leaving the house in vast quantities and being donated to charity. Our eBay pile is also growing rapidly, and this week I got told I really don’t need to give any more … More Project 333 Redux

On buying baby stuff

I was in two minds where to put this post, on here or on YetAnotherBabyBlog, but I think this touches Project 333 more than pure baby stuff, so it’s ended up here. When Hubs and I were preparing for the wedding, I succumbed and brought a wedding magazine. One. This week I succumbed and brought a … More On buying baby stuff