On Project 333

I’ve been thinking about what 33 items to include in the Project. I’m pretty comfortable with my list. First here’s a picture:

Project 333 selection

Right, here’s the list:

  1. Grey Suit
  2. Black shift dress
  3. Charcoal grey trousers
  4. Black trousers
  5. Long black skirt
  6. Navy Trousers
  7. Black Fisherman trousers
  8. Grey Fisherman trousers
  9. Blue jeans
  10. Black cardigan
  11. Flowered cardigan
  12. Blue shirt
  13. Pink jumper
  14. Pink blouse
  15. White blouse
  16. White button down shirt
  17. Grey hoodie
  18. Black zip hoodie
  19. Blue flowered t-shirt
  20. Black t-shirt
  21. White t-shirt
  22. Navy vest top
  23. Blue vest top
  24. Grey vest top
  25. Pink vest top
  26. Brown boots (not pictured)
  27. Brown ballet flats (ditto)
  28. Black ballet flats (ditto)
  29. Black flip-flops (ditto)
  30. Blue scarf
  31. Pink scarf
  32. Grey messenger bag – thanks to Beverly whom I brought it from and love it still.
  33. Pink B-Sirius bag – birthday present from Hubs a couple of years ago, heading to it’s last legs, so I’ll have to buy a replacement for it soon from them again, again I love it so.

There we have it. As I did when I completed the Project before (including while up zee duff), I’ll be taking pictures of each daily outfit and tweeting them @Maddilion1875 with the hashtag #Project333, but they’ll pop up in my right side-bar if you’re not on twitter as I’m about to add the widget in again. Bearing in mind I also have two distinct exercise kits, one for yoga and one for running/gym, I’ve also got separate clothes to clean the house in and undies and vest tops worn under blouses etc. don’t count, so I’ve still got a fair amount of clothing items in my wardrobe. As an aside, anyone else have to have a scarf on the back of their chair in summer in their office? The aircon at work is cranked up to eleventy-stupid.

I’m looking forward to where this will take me, it is in ethos with where my mind is at the moment. I think we’re up to four large garbage bags given to charity already this year. Having said that, given the state of Melbourne’s ‘summer’ so far this year, I’m glad I kept boots in as an option.

The rules are simple, choose 33 items, wear them for three months and see how you go living with less. You do need to box up everything you’ve not chosen to wear, so those clothes are all down in the spare room. Having been standing staring at my wardrobe off and on for a week or so and could see some distinct colour themes. This was compounded when I found a lovely FCUK pink jumper, thin enough to wear in the office (yup in the picture above), but not too hot for summer, in the sales last week. That’s when I found my niche, particularly after our family photo-shoot (images to follow) where I wore the blue shirt and jeans; the designer in the studio took one look at me and said “That is the best colour on you!”, so finally in my (very late) 30s, it would appear I’ve finally found my colours.

If you were to hop on board with Project 333, what 33 items would you choose? It may take you a little while to whittle it down, but the freedom it gives you each morning is wonderful. I can tell, I’m going to wish I’d started this earlier.

Back in the saddle again

Apologies for the ear worm!

This past week I’ve done two Bikram classes, run nearly 7km and walked another 14km. I’ve also given up coffee. Let’s just pause to acknowledge the caffeine withdrawal headache here. Holy moly, it’s a killer. I’m working towards not even drinking decaf, but lets do it one thing at a time.

The weather in Melbourne this week has veered from 42c, blisteringly hot with storms and bushfires; to 20c, piddling it down with rain and lots of fire-people thinking ‘Thank goodness’. This weekend will be miserable again, but at least it gives everyone a chance to get fires under control, particularly in South Australia where they’ve had a horrendous time of it the past week-ten days.

I’ve been enjoying exercising again, although I’m still wary of my knee, so I’m not going gung-ho. I don’t want to break myself all over again on my way back from injury, therefore I was very pleased when both yoga teachers this week told me that I’d not lost my form or technique, I just needed to build my stamina and strength back up again. Given that I thought I was either going to fall over and / or be ill this morning in the class, that was a great compliment.

Mind you after the class on Tuesday night, I was so stiff I could barely move. Today’s class at 6am took a while for me to get in the groove. I’m hoping to get to a class over the weekend, it just depends on our diary. But I am running on the tan on Sunday morning with KB and her trainer. Apparently, hill sprints will be involved in the training session. Joy. We’ve plotted out our runs for the year, culminating in 21km or half marathon for the Melbourne Marathon festival. Gulp.

Black and white

I’ve had an epiphany this week, which some of you will find funny, but in the process of clearing my head, I quite often clear out things at home. Ask Mon Bears, because the amount of stuff I donated or threw away after my first marriage broke down amazed them. I was in a little study, on a futon, but still managed to get rid of about a bin bag of things a week. Sometimes two.

So while I was tidying my closet this week, I thought ‘Black and white’ from now on, unless something jumps out at me, I’m just going to buy clothes in those colours. I thought of Jamie Lee Curtis, who also decided to do the same thing, ‘It makes getting dressed easier’ and I’m all for that.

I was going to do #Project333 again, but you know what, I don’t have much I can cull now. I’ve pretty much got a capsule wardrobe. I’ve separated out summer dresses (brrrrr), short sleeved blouses and my thinner suit – and that’s all the pairing down I can do now.  I added some old jewellery I don’t wear any more, mainly because the dress I brought to wear it with got to be too big for me a while ago, and whenever I’ve tried it on with anything else, it didn’t suit it. I kept the necklace and bracelet for over a year, tried it intermittently, and now someone else can use it, and hopefully love it. I also went through my scarves and pashminas. Now, I love me a scarf. I’d rather wear one of them than a necklace any day, but again, some were donated because I don’t use or wear them any more. They suited me then, they do not suit me now.

Yet some things I can’t donate or sell. No matter how often I look through my jewellery. I’ve got two garnet (my birth stone) necklace and earring sets. One I thought about getting re-set for my wedding to Hubs, but nearly fainted at the price. I look at them, I think of my Mum and I can’t do it. I cannot get rid of them, they’re beautiful, dressy pieces, I may not get dressed up to go out as much as I used to (ex-Army wife and all that), but every so often I may do.

And you know what, I’ll have either a fabulous black or white dress to wear with one of them.

Project 333 Redux

I’m in the middle of a cleaning fest. Which can only mean one thing to Mon Bears, black bin bags of things are leaving the house in vast quantities and being donated to charity. Our eBay pile is also growing rapidly, and this week I got told I really don’t need to give any more toys to the nursery, as I’m being too generous.

All this de-cluttering is for a reason, I can’t go into business as a Professional Organiser with our house in a muddle. I’m putting my money where my mouth is, so this weekend I’m also going to go through my clothes for another 3 month stint at Project 333. I was happier when I had a capsule wardrobe that I didn’t have to spend too long thinking about what I wanted to wear of an evening.

As Melbourne rapidly heads towards winter, I’m much more comfortable with layering up, black tights and boots, I love scarves, so rationalising them could be an issue, but I managed when I was pregnant to survive on minimal clothes, so I’m going to have another go. All scary photos of the outfits will be on our Tumblr site: http://donmambella.tumblr.com/

I’ll put the full list up this weekend, anyone else care to join me?

Project 333 – Redux

I am officially back to work, which also means a work wardrobe and a casual wardrobe. While I could (just about) get away with wearing slightly less smart clothes when I was with child, now I have said child crawling around and getting into everything, I need to up my game and dress appropriately again.

I can’t merge the two wardrobes any longer, I simply don’t have enough clothes that would double up as play clothes with Peanut that I can also wear to work; particularly as I’m in the process of transitioning between roles and want to be recognized for its importance to the organisation I work in. I’m back to being suited and booted 9-5, in scrubs on hands and knees running around after an inquisitive and active little man for the rest of the time.

To that end, I will be limiting my work wardrobe to 33 items, and my casual wardrobe to 33 items. Here is a picture of the work wardrobe laid out on our bed a week or so ago: Continue reading “Project 333 – Redux”

Sentimental Saturday – elephants

I follow a lady I’ve never met on Twitter, and yet I count her as a friend. I read her blog, eagerly awaiting updates on her craft projects, the work she and her husband do around their house, the reports on the dog walks and marvel at how she fits everything into her life as she also teaches; so has to plan, execute and evaluate every lesson, every student. While on holiday in Queensland we went into a wood turners, I saw some lace bobbins; one set made from Australian native wood and another set with a beautiful purple sheen. I couldn’t put them down, as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to send them to her.

We met through Project 333, which I’m still working on now, even out-to-here pregnant as I’ve not remotely got 33 items I can actually fit into! After Peanut arrives, I’m looking forward to augmenting the clothes that are hanging in the spare room wardrobe to end up with a capsule wardrobe that reflects me, and my life. I don’t know her, but I’ve brought two of her handbags as she also augments her perfect capsule wardrobe. Both bags are so perfectly ‘me’ it’s a worry they’ve travelled from Connecticut to Australia and been welcomed with open arms.

Last week, this lovely lady suggested a theme Sentimental Saturday, where we talk about something that is important to us. I’ve been in a reflective mood, and those two words resonated deep within me. While I had every intention of writing this on Saturday, the day slipped past me. Yesterday, Sunday, my sister-in-law and niece spent the afternoon with me, bringing with them a hamper full of goodies for the baby. When I saw what was in it, I was so glad I’d not written this, even though my subject had already been chosen. You’ll see why. Continue reading “Sentimental Saturday – elephants”

On buying baby stuff

I was in two minds where to put this post, on here or on YetAnotherBabyBlog, but I think this touches Project 333 more than pure baby stuff, so it’s ended up here.

When Hubs and I were preparing for the wedding, I succumbed and brought a wedding magazine. One. This week I succumbed and brought a baby magazine. One. I won’t need to buy another one. I brought it for an article ‘Mums Over 35, what to expect’ where I was helpfully told that I could struggle to conceive, would face more intervention during labour and after having the baby, would be tired. No shit Sherlock.

I had inadvertently brought an independent baby magazine, so one that isn’t published by Conde Nast et al, in a way I’m glad. Can you imagine the photo spreads I would have had to do battle with? As it is, check out these two:


Continue reading “On buying baby stuff”