Conscious eating

I’ve had a snuffly nose, so have had to sleep with my mouth open instead of breathing through my nose as normal.  Where I’ve been gunky and horrible, my mouth got very dry overnight on Friday and developed a little ulcer on the top left, right where your tongue hits the roof of your mouth when you … More Conscious eating


I am pleased to tell y’all I have a new job!  But I canNOT tell you how pleased I am to be moving on.  I started looking half-heartedly while I was off, completely in the wrong frame of mind as I was thinking no-one would want me.  Then ranked up the search when I was … More News!


I am just back in the door and fed and red wined from my yoga class.  The first one I’ve done in the evening on the way home from work, and to be fair, probably the last unless I cannot get there at any other time.  It was unbearably hot, we’ve had another 30+ day and I … More Yogini

Manic Mondays

We all straggled in over the course of the first hour at work, giving each other kisses, hugs, back slaps and congratulating each other on the New Year. We looked relaxed, calm and stress free – until about lunchtime. It is amazing, I have completed one day at work and already it feels like my … More Manic Mondays