Stormy weather

At last the muggy spell has broken.  I sit in my study with rain hammering on the windows, after watching hailstones the size of golf balls hurtle down from the sky.  I should have been walking to yoga, I would have got soaked, and probably collate a few more bruises had any hailstone hit me.  … More Stormy weather

A new day

Apologies to those of you who don’t like Celine Dion but please play this link at some point either before, after or during reading this.  While the video is unintentionally hilarious, (I watched Spicks and Specks this week laughing at the fist in the air, being drawn down, saying they wondered if they have an ultra … More A new day

Shaun the Sheep

When I finally got to the hairdresser, it was worth it.  I had a couple of glasses of wine, :) a treatment in a massaging chair, and when Ange was massaging the treatment into my scalp, I felt tension just drain away.  I felt my eyes get hot, but didn’t wibble my lip too much.  … More Shaun the Sheep

TFI Friday

There aren’t many things in the week I actively look forward to.  But today, I am so pleased it is Friday.  I am so pleased this week is over and done with.  I am so pleased I have a weekend to look forward to, with my hair finally getting cut tomorrow, the prospect of the … More TFI Friday

Lazy days of summer

I type this sitting in the G, on a comfortably warm day of 31c. There is a gentle breeze, the crowds are apathetically clapping. You couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Australia are playing the West Indies in the first match of their tour. I love watching one day internationals, … More Lazy days of summer