A new year

I think I blinked and missed 2017. It certainly didn’t seem like a full year had passed from putting the Christmas decorations away – it only felt like a couple of months and I was hauling them out again. Christmas came down in our house yesterday morning so we could rearrange the lounge-room. Christmas was … More A new year

Fur babies

I had a very lazy morning today. We were woken up at before 7am, but I stayed in bed until about 10am. Dozing, wafting, whatever you want to call it, I was out of it today. Waking up, WhatsApp said I had a notification from Mum. “Branston has just passed away, very peacefully on the … More Fur babies

Personal support in an Emergency Situation

Today was my first day without a nap since Wednesday last week; for which I feel inordinately proud. And inordinately tired. I had training today for Providing Personal Support in an Emergency Situation. The Councils and Emergency Services of Melbourne learnt some hard, difficult lessons on Black Saturday, but a lot of good came out … More Personal support in an Emergency Situation

2016 ‘B’

I’m done with this year, so it’s over for me. I’m no longer in 2016, halfway through Saturday morning I decided that I could let the most recent events of this year beat me, or I will come out fighting. Look out world. I’m not going to recap, I’m not giving it the airspace. I’m … More 2016 ‘B’