Not quite what I had planned

So today was supposed to be a day of study, instead the cold that has been hanging round me for the past couple of days has decided to appear with a vengeance.
Instead of studying, I’ve spent the day in bed, drinking lots, dozing lots, reading a bit (when I can concentrate) and generally feeling rough.
For the past 18 months I’ve listened to my body, and felt all the better for it; I’m hoping this enforced lazy day will nip it in the bud and I can get on with things as normal tomorrow. If not, I’ll stay here all over again.
I miss lemsips, particularly with vodka in…

Getting my ducks in a row

There is an expression used in the Army: ‘Getting all your sh!t in one sock’. I am not 100% sure where it came from, but it is self-explanatory. Hubs and I use it so often, I have to now check I don’t say it at work. This past month or so has been so busy, in an effort to try and contain the craziness, I’ve been taking things upstairs and just dumping them into the study, because at least then I can close the door and not fret over it. If I can’t see it, (in theory) I can’t worry over it. While I knew the mess was there in the back of my mind, I didn’t physically have the time to even contemplate trying to sort it out. Life was too busy to find me the two hours I would need to tidy it away.

Notice the ‘me’ and the ‘I’ in that paragraph. Hubs, being a boy, doesn’t worry about what the house looks like. He’d be happy to wade through clothes to the bed like a teenager if needs be, I would be sat rocking in a corner, but he’d be ‘Meh’. Continue reading “Getting my ducks in a row”

Weekend Round Up

I am the healthiest sick person I know.  I am strong, fit, robust, but if there is a bug going round, you can guarantee, it will come knocking at my door.

This weekend, what I thought was something I ate on Wednesday and Thursday night (take-away curry) that made me feel peculiar, actually was a lurgy.  Probably viral, as my throat is bright red, I got up yesterday had breakfast and was clearing my dishes away when I thought, I think I ought to go back to bed.  I was light-headed, the room was spinning and I felt decidedly odd.  I spent yesterday in bed, have got up today, still feeling a bit out of whack, but now have so much to do, I don’t have any option other than to do what I can today.  If I need a siesta this afternoon, I’ll have one, but housework beckons. 

My CEO is out the office next week, and I have the daftest, silliest man who is acting in her stead to work with for 5 days.  He is a Brit, has been out here for over 10 years, and we talk Blackadder, Only Fools and Horses, Red Dwarf, Alas Smith and Jones, The Adventure Game (remember Uncle Aspidistra anyone) to our Aussie co-workers bemusement.  I’m wearing my Multi Coloured Swap Shop scarf next week to see what response that will get!  It has been like a breath of fresh air being able to talk UK Culture with someone, while I’ve made a few friends over here, being able to speak to someone who grew up over there and shares the same ideas of what is good TV (BBC Dramas and Comedy from 60s-90s) and what isn’t (Neighbours, Packed To The Rafters, Big Border Patrol High School Miami NCIS Brother) is a welcome relief. 

I love living here, it is my home, and I felt that as soon as I had to fly back to England after our initial three weeks scouting out Melbourne to choose where we wanted to live.  But there are somethings I miss desperately about the UK, Marmite notwithstanding, and good TV is one of them.  I know us Brits can make some God Awful programmes too, but the Nature Programmes that come out of BBC Wales, good solid comedy programmes, Who Do You Think You Are?  Documentaries that don’t play to the American audience, and just educate you over an hour, instead of spreading out 15 minutes worth of information over the hour leaving either screaming at the TV in frustration or turning it off completely are worth so much.  We watch SBS News from 6:30 – 7:30pm, then put on a DVD or watch a recorded programme.  Channels 7, 9, Go!, 7TWO and 10 rarely get a look in.  We watch more sport than anything else, especially with the Tour de France now started.  Hubs came to bed at 3am today, replete with football, cricket and cycling.

The Daytona 500 is now on, and I have to drag him away from the couch so that I can go to the shops, I can’t go on my own, I don’t want to keel over half way round, and if I send him on his own all sorts of things will end up in the trolley.  I should get him back in time to watch this afternoon’s AFL match, we’ll dust and hoover in shifts around the adverts.  Good job I like sport really, otherwise I’ll be stuffed.

I wonder if I will ever get there?

I have the house to myself tonight.  So I’ve caught up on my TV from the digi-box.  I watched Zoe Wanamaker’s Who Do You Think You Are?  She spent some time in Chicago and Washington, I’ve now put on Frankie & Johnny, one of my favourite films and am looking at the streets of New York with a pang.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go to America.  Not Florida or the touristy areas, per se, but the cities.  I want to sit on sidewalks and watch people walk by, I want to watch the steam come out the vents on the streets of New York, walk through Central Park and go to a free concert.  I could go on and on about all the things I’d like to do.

You’d think Melbourne would be enough wouldn’t you?  I mean look at it:

It’s beautiful.

I really ought to be doing something else

It’s a long weekend over here, Victoria has The Queen’s Birthday as a public holiday.  There is nothing like going to bed on a Sunday and thinking ‘I’ve another Sunday all over again tomorrow!’  Although, I will now be out of synch for the rest of the week, it is a small price to pay for a lazy day.  Having a lazy day is lovely, but only so far we you are pottering about and catching up on housework…

We’ve washed the covers for the couch, so have the struggle to put them back on to look forward to.  There is nothing left in the washing basket, so have we a pile of ironing to look forward to.  (Although, Hubs has said he’ll be doing more ironing now, as he’s wearing a shirt to work each day).  We’ve made a stock, ratatouille and rice & beans, so dinners are sorted for the early part of the week.

I just get this nagging feeling, I’ve missed something.  If you can remember what, let me know?

Law of sod part II

So here I sit, books piled up beside me, tissues, strepsils and panadol littering what is left of the bedside table’s surface.  I ache all over from the lurgy, and I ache all over from yoga.  I don’t know what is worse actually.  The tightness in my hamstrings, the soreness in my stomach muscles or the ache in my joints and throat.

While hubs hates it when I am ill, as I am an awful patient, he does like doing things for me.  He brought me home a rice pudding and a magazine, and after tweeting that I considered the baby food diet as swallowing is so painful, a jar of organic beef and vegetable mash, ever the comedian.  He’s also checked on me every hour since he got home from work, has made me lemsips,  ferried things up and down stairs and sent me a picture of the new fish in the tank.  I went downstairs once today, mid morning to get something to eat and haven’t ventured further than the study since then.

I’ve selected from my library to read:

  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – the film was on TV the other week, I lasted 20 minutes before I turned it off in disgust.  Read it today in between naps, cross all over again at the liberties taken with the story to get it onto the big screen.
  • Love In A Cold Climate
  • Cold Comfort Farm
  • Little Women
  • Aberystwyth Mon Amour
  • Changing My Mind

I’ve flicked through the magazine hubs brought me, but my problem is concentration, or severe lack of it at the moment.  I keep wandering off in my mind.  Hence the rather random selection of books.  I also brought my lap top in to the bedroom from the study, and re-read the book I’ve been writing, there is definitely something there, but now is not the time to look at it.

I am not much further on than I was this morning, in fact I feel worse.  Which makes me feel better in a way, as at 5:30 you always feel a bit peculiar, but knowing what I know about how I’ve felt today, staying in bed was the right choice.  Can someone come over and wash my hair for me though?  As I can’t move my arms and I really don’t have the energy to do it either.