On an unnatural high

After a lovely Monday off to myself, and a relaxing lunch with relatives on Tuesday, Wednesday was busy at work. BossMan had received more emails over three days than in the previous three weeks; we’re blaming the full moon. Thursday dawned bright and early with a croak from the croup chorus. Once heard, never forgotten. … More On an unnatural high

This girl can!

A year ago the UK Government launched This Girl Can. Showing real people doing real exercise and getting hot and sweaty as a result of it. The video is ninety seconds of awesome. Showing women of all shapes, sizes, ages and colours running, swimming, boxing, enjoying Zumba (I think, never done a class, so am … More This girl can!

Smooth Operator

Like many people around the office, I’m making smoothies and guzzling them for breakfast. Although, I’ve been making them long before they became fashionable. I used to get odd looks drinking them on the train up to London when I was commuting, but I guess like most things – if you wait long enough for … More Smooth Operator

Oh lordy

I weighed myself yesterday morning. One was not amused. It’s been about a year since I hurt my knee, since then I’ve run a bit, but not as much as I had been and haven’t really been doing anything much at all if I’m honest. The weight has crept on, but having said that, I … More Oh lordy


We’ve a long weekend in Victoria for the Queen’s Birthday. Aside from our usual Sunday swimming lesson, a play date and a siesta, I’m taking advantage of the extra day to do some extra tidying up in the study/office at home. We’re doing ok at maintaining it, but the past few days in preparation of … More Weekending