On coffee

Not that we’re addicted to coffee in this office, but at any point in time if you were to head over the road to one of two local coffee shops – you would find at least one staff member in either one, or both. We also ask for our coffees by name, not drink: a Mark … More On coffee

Smooth Operator

Like many people around the office, I’m making smoothies and guzzling them for breakfast. Although, I’ve been making them long before they became fashionable. I used to get odd looks drinking them on the train up to London when I was commuting, but I guess like most things – if you wait long enough for … More Smooth Operator

A little jaded

Thank goodness it’s the weekend. Thank goodness Hubs can have a relaxing couple of days to get over last night! Peanut was in full roar from 4pm-midnight. While we have no idea what set him off, I think it was the tiny drop of infacol I gave him to help his wind as he’d not burped … More A little jaded