Favourite Humans

I’ve been muttering a bit about ‘favourite humans’ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a fair bit the past few weeks, while at acupuncture tonight I thought I really ought to do a list for you. Here we go, in no particular order: Stephen Fry – I have to start with him really don’t I? Oprah … More Favourite Humans

On an unnatural high

After a lovely Monday off to myself, and a relaxing lunch with relatives on Tuesday, Wednesday was busy at work. BossMan had received more emails over three days than in the previous three weeks; we’re blaming the full moon. Thursday dawned bright and early with a croak from the croup chorus. Once heard, never forgotten. … More On an unnatural high

Flipping heck

In the stream of big weeks, this has been up there. I’m exhausted, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been this exhausted, I can tell you. Let’s just ignore that Peanut has been awake more times overnight than he has been asleep. Let’s just ignore that Hubs has been interstate, so I’ve been … More Flipping heck