About me

The views on this blog are my own.

Rapidly heading towards my 50s, this is a space where I vent, ponder and waffle.

I fight an ongoing battle with anxiety and depression; some of the language I use is fruity, some of frustrations I share are inane. However, writing it out helps clear my head. By sharing my mental health journey, every voice helps others and reduces stigma. Having said that, this blog was dormant through most of 2020 #GesturesAtEverything and #WhatWithOneThingAndAnother. I didn’t waste the year though, I published a book and am hard at work on my second. Visit eegrant.com for updates and stuff.

We’ve just upped sticks and moved from Melbourne ‘to the country’. Well, we’ve moved to Ballarat – a regional city in Victoria, Australia. Life is slower here, people say hello in shops, it’s also flatter so I really have no excuses to get back to running,