Heading to theatre in a revealing gown

Nine months after I was declared ‘ready for surgery’ for a deviated septum, I’m booked in for this Wednesday, 19 May. The operation isn’t just to straighten it, but the surgeon also wants to improve my nasal cavity to reduce my ongoing sinus infections. I’m expecting two black eyes and to be a bit sore around the edges.

Last year when I went to see him with my CT scan in tow, he said that the septum is in a ‘s’ shape and that no amount of antibiotics or nasal spray will straighten it out. He also wondered why I’d not been sent to see him in 2019 after the CT scan was done in the first place…

What should have been a 60-90 day wait, has blown out exponentially because of the pandemic. And Victoria managed their cases well.

What is happening in India now is a direct result of leaders not listening to science, not taking action to protect people and the consequential crisis that this virus brings as it morphs, changes and gets spread around the population. It’s not just about beds being filled with people needing attention and oxygen, it’s the knock-on effect that it has on every other part of the healthcare system.

You can’t treat people who need surgery if your entire hospital is bed-blocked. People arrive needing assistance for injuries, or in labour – where do they go?

For part of last year I worked with people who found it infuriating that lockdowns and masks were required. They’d listen to news updates and still want to bring all the staff back into the building; only when it was mandated that people had to work from home did they reluctantly give in. Others would complain that it was over-the-top and a waste of time. They were fed up with Dictator Dan ruining their lives.

This mentality is so far beyond my reach of comprehension, I just would sit there and say nothing. Because no matter what I’d say, there would be an answer found on Facebook or Instagram about chem-trails and 5G and all the other bullsh!t.

I’ve lost friends because they drank the Kool-aid and believed in the pseudo-science. Not that it is remotely science.

I’m yet to hear if I’ve lost friends to the pandemic. I know people who have, which makes it all the harder to watch what is going on in India. It’s truly heartbreaking.

I completed my pre-op COVID checklist this morning. I’ll see you on the other side.

What do you think..?

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