I Get Around

This is house number 35 for the husband. I think I’m in my 20s, but I can’t be bothered to count it up. Archie is at number three. The house we’ve just left is the longest anyone in our little family has lived anywhere since we left home (me) or ever (the boys).

We’re unpacked enough to function, but despite our best efforts of going through and purging heaps, we’ve still got too much stuff to wade through. This is not helped by us starting packing in October and November of last year, so as we’re un-doing boxes, there are lots of ‘I forgot we had that!’ and ‘Oh, that’s where that was.’

Needless to say, we need to go through again and take a long hard look at what we’ve got, why have we got it and do we really need it? Really really.

Chances are, no. We don’t really, really need it. Especially if it’s been in a box for this long…

We’ve also got lots of prints that have been rolled up and stored carefully in poster tubes since we left the UK, in 2008. Le sigh.

The house itself is lovely, the office space for Hubs and I is working well already. I’m loving the bookshelves, but we’ve loaded the floor space in front of them up with boxes as we’re having a house full this weekend. Every bedroom will have one or two people sleeping in it, it’s going to be great. But where we’d put boxes into their respective rooms to unpack and sort through; we’re moving them back out again tomorrow to make room for guests lest they think they’re sleeping in a storage unit.

My new job is going well, I basically work for a bunch of nutters, so I fit in a treat. The three that I support are out on the road a lot, but when we talk either on the phone or when they’re in the office there are frequent gales of laughter. I’m above the shop floor, so like today when I was working on my own and was fed up of my own company, I’ll toddle downstairs and chat to the boys for a couple of minutes if they’re not too busy.

The office and new building next door which has the admin centre (accounts / WHS / HR etc.) backs onto Victoria Park, so on my lunchtime walks I get greenery and trees, not car fumes from the bypass and fricking great hills. Although, I’ve not been out this week, it’s been a short week due to Easter, but also because I was side-swiped with a head-cold that left me in bed for two days. I cannot get this sinus surgery soon enough.

Leeloo-The-Paw has settled in ok, although we had a few stress pees, which seems to have settled down now we’ve added another litter tray in to our bathroom, and spent a fortune on pheromones. Every morning we tidy her toys away, every night they appear by my side of the bed, along with socks, pieces of paper and a cotton bud this week as she’s worked out how to open drawers now.

That’ll do for now, I need to get back to blogging. Need to get a new routine going. But as Keith Abraham said on his weekly video this week, 2021 will be the year of us all stopping and starting. Knowing that things will change, but being able to be flexible with the change, while remaining focussed on what we want to do. As vaccines roll out and people start moving again, we know there will be other waves of infections and other variants coming, but how we manage them will be the key.

Every day I get up and savour my coffee of a morning, that is a good day. I know, there is more to life than coffee, but that first mouthful?

What do you think..?

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