Oh lordy, I’m still not in the swing of this (and this was a draft from yesterday!). It’s amazing how having a small person in school gives you a routine to hang your day / week / month / life on.

Back to work for two weeks, holiday feeling has well and truly gone! If only we didn’t need money to have a roof, food and clothing – I think we’d be a whole lot happier. Listening to Ruby Wax and Sane New World, our brains just are not designed to do the 9-5 thing. Neither are our bodies for that matter.

In case you were wondering, I’m at day 12 of no alcohol. I’m using an Andrew Johnson meditation app called (quelle suprise) Sober. I listen at least once a day, you can program the app for the meditation to either send you to sleep or wake up. Most often at the end of the day, as Andrew’s Scottish burr is heavenly. I’m very excited to report my spare Bluetooth headphones are coming in useful. It means I can leave my phone in the bathroom, listen to the app and then go to sleep.

Hubs and I have had a virus run through us this week, both of us were a bit wobbly on our feet.

The house looks like a student house; doing my exercises in the lounge room this morning (28 by Sam Wood), I kept thinking man, we need to vacuum…

This morning (actually 16 January) I had to wake Archie up, he was sound asleep at nearly 7am! He was so sleepy, he asked for breakfast in bed. Bless his heart, I gave him his breakfast and was packing his lunch, no bread rolls. None in the freezer either. I packed up his nibbles, he got dressed, I shot into the shower and shot back out again.

I wanted to get out the house on time, as I needed to move my computer to another building. We did get out the house on time, but needed to whizz into Coles to get Archie a bread roll, I also treated him to a milkshake in his lunch (excellent Mama Bear points there). We got wet getting out the car, then wet getting back in again. Then we got stuck in traffic getting him to his holiday program, got wet again. Then I got stuck in even more traffic, and apparently every red light along the way too.

I got to work later than planned, damp round the edges (read Monica hair), but got everything unplugged and moved over, replugged and the phone didn’t stop ringing all day.

We’ve had a security guard onsite with us, he looked at me and said ‘You look like you need a snooze!’ What I did need was some fresh air, so off I toddled to the closest, best coffee shop and back, with an almond latte. Felt like a new woman and had the best afternoon.

In other news, Sane New World arrived at work today too :D

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