On Toy Story 4

Last week, family movie night on DVD was Toy Story 4. Archie had seen it with his Team Kids holiday program when it was out at the cinema earlier this year, but we didn’t go to see it with him. I must admit, from when they announced another full-length version, I was worried about watching it. Toy Story itself is one of my favourite movies and the trilogy itself is perfect. The little shorts work as you get to visit with the characters; pop in, laugh like drains, pop out again.  

There was absolutely no need to make it, other than $$$ obvs. I can’t say I hated it, but I really wish I hadn’t watched it. Because it has now highlighted to me issues that I’d not picked up in the trilogy. In no particular order:

  • I really didn’t like Bo Peep; and not just because she felt the need to put a cape on before she did anything #NoCapes
  • While I did like Giggle McDimples, using the sound from PT Flea bouncing around wrankled.
  • Watching the trailer after the movie implied that all the toys were in it together; but Buzz in particular was hardly an equal character to Woody going off on his own. And as soon as we saw the doll, I thought here we go, its Lotso and to a lesser extent, Stinky Pete, all over again.
  • I laughed like a drain at Ducky and Bunny, then Buzz trying to work out how to get the key; and the RV bit at the end.
  • I enjoyed Duke Caboom, although as Keanu Reeves also did a hilarious send up of himself in Always Be My Maybe, that one is definitely not suitable for children!. Mind you, his posing on the bike only made me think of Robin in The Lego Batman Movie.
  • How many easter eggs can you put into one movie? Answer, all of them.

I’m trying not to pick holes in it, but five days later – I’m still cross with myself for not listening the little voice that said “Don’t!” Laughing at some of it hasn’t outweighed the overall feeling of disappointment in it.

Le sigh.

What do you think..?

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