We have clearance Clarence

My leave has been approved at work. There’s a form for special leave so I can go into a negative balance at work and pay it back. I’ve also had an initial conversation with the lady who will cover the role while I’m away.


Then the rest of the day went a bit crazy. I’ve had a crash course in Visio, which is now my new favourite Microsoft program. I am disdaining Word so hard right now, I want to put a table in and ….

I tried changing the section to landscape, then the header went phut. Unlinked it. Got that sorted out, saved it; it reverted to the stuffed up one. I tried a couple more times, then I gave up. I’ll have another play tomorrow.

Hanno was down for the weekend, I quickly cleared the bed (onto the floor, so far so teenager) so he could visit. I’ve stripped the bed, I’ll make the bed in a minute and start the packing herding again.

I’ve also stopped taking the extra anti-depressant meds. I’d only gone up by half a tablet; but it was enough to make me feel slower and dopier. Not what I needed.

Aside from that, the weekend was good – Archie enjoyed his birthday. We had a great meal out with Hanno, Manny and Auntie Susie. We pottered about the house, caught up on the washing – which given the weather was no mean feet. Thank goodness for a tumble dryer.

Quiet couple of days. #BoringBlog

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