My Furriner, Mon Bears

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but my sweet girl has gone, Erika.

She was the person I called when my first marriage imploded; and for the first time in her life had her phone on so she could hear it.

From her cancer diagnosis to her passing was just over two weeks. I am broken. I can’t imagine what her husband Ian is feeling. We’ve been swapping messages, yesterday I spoke to him and again this morning when he told me, apologising he had to break it to me over the phone. In his voice, it sounded like a weight had been lifted as she was no longer in pain, but as he said – it’ll soon be replaced by the other weight of loss.

When I whizzed back to the UK for my brother’s birthday, we went out for the day. Reconnected, laughed, laughed, laughed.

I first met her in the staff room at work, she was sat down looking shell-shocked; she’d just come back from Canada after burying her father. I didn’t know, but told her she looked like she needed a hug, so I gave her a hug. She later told me that I kept her going.

I hope she knew how much she and Ian kept me going. Opening up their home to me when I was homeless, letting me stay there rent free to get myself back on my feet again. Helping me pack, move, cheering me on when I got a new job.

She’s been one of my best friends for over twenty years, from her stripy socks to her rabbits, I’ve got so many memories, thank goodness, who am I going to message whenever I watch the Princess Bride? All I think about when I think about her is love, she gave so much love to everyone – from her Zumba classes, to her neighbours, to her crafty buddies. She radiated love and light everywhere she went, everyone loved her. Hubs and I have one wedding album, Erika put it together for us. We’ve never needed to make another one.

She and Wiz wanted one photo with me when I got married to Hubs, we pulled it off. Wiz peeping out over my shoulder, I was worried I’d fall off, but Erika was holding me firmly, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”


2 thoughts on “My Furriner, Mon Bears

  1. Erika touched so many people. She made my life better with her wonderful heart. She will be sorely missed.


  2. There aren’t any words that will help today, but her memory will live on and those memories can never be forgotten, they will eventually make you smile again. Thinking of you all x


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