First day jitters

I slept ok, didn’t do the time-honoured thing of waking up because I thought I’d over sleep. We’d packed lunches the night before, which I’m about to do now before I head off to bed, which really helped us get out the house in one piece. Not least because a massive weather front blew up from Tasmania and dumped huge amounts of rain on us, which meant I had to whizz Hubs to the station so he didn’t get washed away.

I made good time through the traffic, getting a place to park in the car park I wanted, wandered over to my office and buzzed the bell. No answer, but as I sat down the lady who has been covering my role arrived.

Aside from the computer logging itself into a random user; the print card they issued me not working as a digit had been missed off; that I didn’t get access to BossLady’s emails until 4pm; it could take up to a few weeks to get a pass to get into the buildings (or indeed to a bathroom); and the lady sitting next to me in the throws of a heavy cold [if this is you at any point in time, go home, because we don’t want it]; I also wore my first aid hat in the first 90 minutes I was there as one lady had a ‘spell’. She was so incoherent, I thought she was having a stroke, but after about 10-15 minutes began talking to me again; she was sent off to hospital in an ambulance and had a CT scan this afternoon.

You couldn’t make it up really.

Tomorrow I’m going in to clean my desk and rearrange my drawers. Fnar.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.56.47 pm


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