What BossMan sent for yesterday

My boy has gone on to brighter and better things, but sent a beautiful email to J for him to read out yesterday. Yes, I’m blowing my own trumpet a bit, No I don’t care. I’m so proud to have worked for and with Matt.

Dear J

I write on this very poignant occasion, to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of Maddie Grant to Nillumbik.

Well, where do I start with Madeleine Grant…

I was lucky enough to have worked closely (very closely and at times inappropriately) with Maddie for almost the past 2 years. Stepping into the Director role was super busy and high pressure. From the moment I met Maddie, I felt completely supported and encouraged to do the best I could in my role. Maddie was always there to keep me on track and organised (which is a huge feat!), help me with navigating the organisation and its spider web of systems and process, but most importantly, providing what I call ‘pastoral care’ checking in with my on how I was feeling and what was going on for me. I can’t tell you how much of a difference Maddie made to me in performing my role at Nillumbik.

If you know Maddie, you know she is genuinely warm and compassionate. She cares for the wellbeing of those around her and she plays an important and often invisible role in contributing to the harmony and smooth running of the organisation and its people. At Nillumbik, she’s probably been a member of every staff committee there is, supporting safety on the OHS committee, LGBTI support and awareness, sustainability through the ‘Echo’ team (my emphasis…lol) and so many more (less so since I started!). Maddie’s contribution has certainly made an impact on the organisation’s wellbeing and functioning.

Working so closely with Maddie, it was inevitable that we created our own unique and eclectic way of communicating; a language that was part facial expressions, rude noises, snorts and grunts, drag ghetto talk (Vanjie), [obnoxious residents] quotes (in the cause and course of justice) and the various pitch or tone of laughing, screams and swearing. Maddie and I would understand what all of these things meant.

Maddie and I would catch up every morning to work through the priorities of the day, but more often than not it was a health check, during which we’d support each other through what was going on in each other’s lives. Maddie was a huge support for me when I was going through the end of a relationship, family challenges, when my dog Cuba passed away and then the beginnings of a new relationship. We’d share all sorts of things, and I now know a great deal more about female anatomy than I’d ever planned to. The secrets in that secure vault are both fascinating and horrifying!

We certainly had a great deal of fun over the past 2 years and Maddie was a big part of some great achievements. We welcomed a new leadership team, took significant steps forward in our approach to customer experience and supported teams to improve how they approached their work and supported customers. I remember the day we started delivering the customer experience training and Maddie gave me a big hug, to celebrate kicking off something I’d been working hard on delivering. She’s an incredible support and motivator.

Maddie’s departure might be a sad day, but it’s also a celebration of the positive impact she’s had on the organisation and the exciting opportunity that lies ahead for her at[new job]. Like me, they too very quickly saw the warmth, professionalism and significant skill set Maddie has and how this can add significant value for the organisation she works with. More importantly, it’s the difference she can make to the person she works most closely with and their ability, together, to deliver great things.

Mads, all the best for [new job], as I told them, they’re very lucky to have you on board, you’re one in a million. Well done on your contribution to N and remember the great things you’ve done. Most of all, thank you for the support and friendship you provided me.

Lots of love, Matt



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