An early experiment for 2019

This past two days I have deliberately done something I don’t normally do because I wanted to see what would happen. Since Monday morning, I’ve been on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram much more than I would do normally, like for ages each day.

Repercussions include:

  • I am exhausted physically. I haven’t been to the gym at all this week, it’s been too hot for one thing, but when your alarm goes off at 5:30am and you were up till late with your face buried in your phone, you don’t feel like getting up and at ’em.
  • Mentally, I’m stuffed. I actually dreamt about the POTUS last night, talk about a nightmare – although while in the dream I was attempting to subvert him in a meeting, I did not need the be-wigged orange twat showing up. My mood has slipped sideways, I’m ratty, irritable, and just damn cross with the world.
  • I haven’t been doing anything else at home. We’ve got two baskets of folding that I brought upstairs on Sunday night, it is Wednesday and they’re still there.
  • I’ve not had the head-space to concentrate on much either, it’s like my brain has turned to mush and trickled out my ear.

I honestly wondered what would happen, and in two days I cannot believe the difference in me.  I deliberately did the test this week as from Friday I’m off work until 30 January; Archie and I are off to an Air BnB at the beach for a week. I needed to remind myself, my phone is not my companion. A forced life decision, as Dr Phil calls them.

What to do now? A life unplugged for a bit. Taking photos and putting them on Instagram, I’m conscious that Aged Ps use it to watch Archie; but not scrolling through it mindlessly. Be more present, be here now.

Swimming lessons start up tonight for the new school year, I’m going to have a swim while Archie is taught for his half hour. I’ve then got acupuncture and a birthday cake to bake (or buy as i’m running out of time before afternoon tea tomorrow!)



One thought on “An early experiment for 2019

  1. Do you know what’s funny…? In the past few days I thought “Gee, Maddie is on social media lots and sharing lots at the moment. She must have time on her hands..?” 🤣
    I need to actually do what I said in December that I would do… Which is delete the FB app off my phone. Not delete the account, but just make it more inconvenient to look at it. Might stop pushing all photos from Insta to FB too, although my folks aren’t on Insta so I’d have to send them or they would miss out. Time to be more selective.


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