2019 – word of the year – Focus

It took me a while to come up with my word of the year about where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do. Originally ‘Follow-Through’ showed up first, but while having an extraordinary massage my mind cleared and played a word association game with itself.

I visit a lovely family-run business in our local plaza for massages, flying a desk all day means I get tight across my shoulders.. I do exercise and stretch through the day, however, sometimes you just need a little TLC. After sitting at the Marvel Stadium, (formerly Etihad Stadium, now under a different sponsorship deal) for a few hours, I was more than a bit creaky on Sunday.

I asked for my usual; half hour with oils and hot stones and was met by someone who I’d not seen before. A tiny lady who laughed when I groaned as she hit a knot and my muscles went ‘clunk’ she was strong, but calming and it was one of those massages where the world stops.

At one point she was holding my shoulder with one hand, using her forearm to iron me out. It was an extraordinary connection between us and one that completely cleared my mind, allowing it to freewheel this is where my word association game started playing. My word, my mantra for 2019 is ‘focus’. I’m going to stick it up all over the place.

I’ve nearly finished my 19 for 2019 too, when I’ve got the complete list I’ll share it with you on here as well.

What is your word for the year? What’s your focus?


What do you think..?

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