Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda

Simon Mayo tweeted a link to this podcast last week, and I’m busy mainlining the episodes available. At the end of each episode, he asks seven questions:

  1. What do you wish you really understood?
  2. What do you wish other people understood about you?
  3. What’s the strangest question anyone asked you?
  4. How do you stop a compulsive talker?
  5. How do you prefer to deliver bad news? On the phone, in person or by carrier pigeon?
  6. What if anything, would make you end a friendship?
  7. Is there anyone you just can’t feel empathy for?

Here are my responses:

  1. Either, why people still think fossil fuels are a viable option. Or, why people think that persecuting refugees who are fleeing violence further is acceptable.
  2. That when I’m reading, I don’t hear you.
  3. In a job interview with an abominable woman, she sat in front of me with her clip board up in front of her chest like a barrier, told me that she’d done a lot of recruitment in the States, so she was a bit ‘out there’ with her questions. The whole interview was insane, would you say you’re a shepherd, sheep dog or a sheep?  She also asked me if I was a roundabout (!?) what song would play on it. (All About Soul, Billy Joel if you’re wondering about that one). I went back to my agency and told them where they could stick that role.
  4. I walk away and hope for the best.
  5. In person, phone if the distance is too far.
  6. I don’t know, would depend on the action. It’s usually my gut that tells me I’m done.
  7. I really struggle with Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Donald Trump.

What do you think..?

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