On coffee

Not that we’re addicted to coffee in this office, but at any point in time if you were to head over the road to one of two local coffee shops – you would find at least one staff member in either one, or both. We also ask for our coffees by name, not drink: a Mark – small long black, three shots; a Matt – medium latte; a Maddie – large long black; a Julie – large skinny latte, 2 sugars.

I’m old enough to remember a tea-run with a trolley being wheeled through the building with an enormous urn and teapot; individual mugs clattering on the trolley. Everyone would come together, stop, have a drink, a gossip and a biscuit, taking a break and chewing the fat.

While we have tea bags and instant coffee on site, going and buying coffees gets us away from our screens, a breath of fresh air and stretches our legs. The exception is the engineering department who have a morning and afternoon break with a large plug-in peculator. The standard line is “How many engineers does it take to make a pot of coffee?” but it gets them away from their desks. Also the instant coffee here is so bad, someone stuck a skull and cross bones hazard sticker on the container (we all have jars of our own coffee in our desk drawers and share them amongst each other when someone runs out).

I have one cup a day and relish in it. Except today Hubs made me one, I brought one on the way through to the office and then the CEO did a coffee run and brought me one at the same time.

Today I’m running on three coffees, wheeeeeeeeee!



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