I’ve come down to the spare room to sleep tonight, I’m coughing that much and am so hot, I can’t get comfortable. Hubs has to work tomorrow, I’ve already called in sick for the day.

I’ve got a cat snoring by my feet and my son asleep in his room muttering to himself next door.

I’ve just watched Stardust, the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel. Perfect chewing-gum for the brain and just what this girl needed. It was a bit muddled and about 20 minutes too long, but it was good fun. The book is big, so they did well to condense it down to what they did, but I think if it had been tighter, it could have done much better than it did at the box office.

I’ve not got much to report today, just concentrating on getting better. One of the girls at work reminded me that she had bronchitis last year, struggled through and it went to pneumonia and she was out of action for six weeks. I’m stopping world. I get it.



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