30 Days To Health Living

On Saturday, 27 May I’m starting another #30DaysToHealthyLiving challenge. I am starting it this weekend because we have Peanut’s sixth birthday at the end of June = cake baking and decorating = red wine required.

I am a strong independent woman, I know my limitations.

Any hoo, I made this (30 Days to Health Living) spread sheet yesterday and posted a picture of it to Instagram / Twitter / Facebook. 30 days, 9 challenges, 270 boxes in total – I want to have a check box in at least 250.

I’ve kept it as an excel file so you can update it and amend what you need to for your challenges, but come along for the ride! If you’re joining in, please let me know so we can all cheer each other on.

My challenge also includes two meal replacement shakes a day from Arbonne, in Vanilla and Chocolate, they’re really good base flavours to whizz up with fruit and / or veg. If you’re worried about the munchies (or your ratios); we’ve also got fibre, protein and greens powders to tailor the shakes entirely to your needs. We also have protein bars (not gluten free as they’ve oats in), and snack bars too. For all the nutrition details, including the bundles of products if you’re going all in here’s the page.





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