Le weekend – phew what a scorcher

I was very lucky on Friday, incredibly so actually. I won something! I won a workshop with the lovely Emeli on Saturday. Dagnammit I couldn’t go though as Hubs and I had a list of things we had to do about the house before a hard-waste collection due to be collected Monday. It had been a planned admin day for ages, so I paid-it-forward. I gave my ticket to a girlfriend who wanted to go, but couldn’t afford to.

Saturday was really hot, worse than Friday when Hubs, Peanut and I headed into the city (more in a bit). We battened down the hatches, doing what we could without venturing outside too much (great day for washing, we got six loads done!). As we headed towards bedtime, Peanut was climbing the walls. We’d filled up his paddling pool earlier in the day, so he and I headed down to the deck. I stood in his paddling pool, grabbed his bucket and dumped a load of water over my head. Peanut stood there laughing, he picked up the bucket, did the same and a water fight started. We called Hubs down, he was “Don’t get me wet!” pfffft.

It was the best bit of my day, by a country mile.

We got Peanut into his PJs, cleaned his teeth, we then watched an episode of Bob Ross, he’s addicted as much as we are, then he posted himself off to sleep. Hubs and I watched Deathly Hallows Part Two, in which Snape shows how brave he’s been – always. I love Alan Rickman, always have, always will. Dad used to tease me about how he was a ‘good actor’ because I’d watch literally anything with him in. What a loss he was last year, the in memoriam section at the Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes will be a sight to behold.

I wept at Snape, I wept at the Resurrection Stone, I wept at Neville and Luna, at Hermione and Ron, at Mrs Weasley. Safe to say I was a puddle at the end. But as I said to Hubs when we headed to bed, crying over a film is incredibly cathartic – you do feel wonderful when you’re done. Not to self, put on Beaches next week.

Back to Friday; the last part of Peanut’s Christmas Present was a visit to the Arts Centre to watch Room On The Broom. It was so well done, (we saw different actors than those in the video short on the page), four actors, puppets, singing, audience interaction, probably the closest Peanut will get to a Pantomime over here (oh no he won’t). I tried to explain pantomimes to my osteopath, and gave up, as I sounded like a crazy person.

We had a great, but hot, couple of hours in the CBD; we met up with a girlfriend from our Mother’s group, the two boys both enjoyed the show. Our morning culminated in a quick play at Birrarung Marr play park, all the parents melting in the heat, all the kids charging around the playground.

I then dropped the boys off at home, drove down to visit my friend and her five week old baby. Oh my. I’m not clucky, but that wee girl was gorgeous. So dainty. I got a good play, and a good cuddle, then she needed a feed and a snooze. Taking that as my cue I let the mama head off for a snooze too and left for my last appointment of the day, working with my upline, mapping out the next 13 weeks of Arbonne.

On the way I popped into the shops to buy some dinner (which I promptly left in her fridge as three of us went out for an Indian and adult conversation!) and also brought my first bakers dozen item, a cotton dress, as I knew it was going to be stinking hot this weekend. The evening was really productive, four of us worked on vision boards, nutted out what and where we wanted to be and mapped out how we would get there.

In a roundabout way, that brings me back to Sunday. After completing more jobs around the house, I’ve watched three videos of the 28-day course I’m doing with Lisa Nichols, I ought to have done at least one yesterday, but I’m learning to NOT beat myself up about stuff I don’t do. Accept it, move on and do better tomorrow. I would not have achieved as much as I did (and needed to do) around the house had I spent more time on Professional Development. But I also reminded myself, that picking up my phone to do whatever, is a choice *nods*

Tonight I will do some ironing, getting ready for the week after Hubs and I have plotted out who/what/where/when. I’ve been busy, but continued to snatch my 30 minutes down time for me each day.


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