Rogue One

This isn’t a review of Rogue One as such; more my thoughts in absolutely no semblance of order around the film I saw with Hanno on the day that Carrie Fisher passed away. I will try not to be spoilerific, but am not promising anything. As I don’t know where it will go, if you’ve not seen it yet, maybe read this when you have?

(First up, my fingers keep wanting to type Rouge One, if I slip up, forgive me as spell check won’t pick it up).

Hubs went to see Rogue One last week with his brother and his two oldest children, our niece and nephew. Came back excited and saying it was the best Star Wars film he’d seen, can’t wait to see it again etc. High praise indeed, combined with the limited reviews seen and heard, I was looking forward to the film. For the record, I adore Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens almost equally. It should also be noted, that there are only three Star Wars films in my lexicon *shudder*

Anyhoo, on a broiling hot day, Hanno and I drove to the CBD to IMAX ourselves in the universe. The first three rows of seats aren’t being sold, the screen is the worlds’ largest, even in row H, we had to practically lie back with our heads on the seat-back to see the whole screen.

The man behind me kept kicking my chair, and I mean KEPT kicking me. Despite me asking twice for him to please sit still, it carried on. That took me out the film more often than I wanted, but also the following wrankled more than they should:

  • The endless cameos and in-jokes, for the love of Han Solo. We get it, you love the universe! One scene in particular, where you’re asking us to accept that one (well two) character(s) managed to bump into two of leads in this film, to survive the trial run of the Death Star’s power only to bump into two leads in A New Hope?
  • The honking great fail of CGI littered throughout, not just ‘them'( if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about). But why introduce a character /plot point to make all the fuss and palaver of ‘…you could lose your mind…’ (dah-dah-daaaaah!). For the next time the character appeared, it took two lines of dialogue for them to be restored to normal?!
  • A necklace was managed to be kept by a character, including after being a prisoner – until they needed to show us it; it only reminded me of Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction “This watch was your birthright … for five long years, he hid it up his ar$e”
  • When a pilot was established as a pilot, he could then take off his goggles, but they stayed on his head through bag being put over his face, and being groped by a CGI character.
  • Basil Exposition explaining stuff over and over; but hiding it within a sarcastic robot doesn’t cut it.
  • AT-ATs being used in a battle on an Imperial base that you need a clearance code and to be a part of the Empire to get onto – huh?
  • People and ships lining up handily to be fought, thank goodness for that.

It could have been at least 20 minutes shorter and it would have been brilliant. Sometimes I was thinking, ‘Oh just hurry up already’ in some fight sequences (where things were lining up to be pew-pew-pewed at; but other bits were whizzed over like anomalies in the script as they didn’t lead anywhere or mean anything.  Hanno and I discussed it on the way home, he enjoyed it much more than I did. I didn’t not enjoy it, but I should be remembering it fondly like I do the Force Awakens, not getting annoyed over trivial bits and pieces.

I might go to see it again, but not at IMAX – maybe I’ll get more out of it then. But it’ll be on repeat in the house shortly when it gets to DVD so why bother?

See, I’m in a quandary, it’s not one thing or another. It was just a bit ‘meh’.

(managed to put this up as a whole new page, coz I’m clever like that – whoops)

What do you think..?

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