Day two, #30Minutes30Days

Day two didn’t quite go as planned. The late nights finally caught up with us, so instead of being up bright and early for a run, we surfaced after 9am. I called my running buddy and apologised, (we always text each other before we leave so we’re not waiting around in the CBD for a no-show), but I still felt bad for missing the run. We’re off to the cinema on Thursday to see La La Land, and definitely meeting up on Sunday morning!

We made a shopping list, an event in itself, but as Hubs and I are working towards Peanut being on packed lunches at the end of the month when he starts school, we need to get more organised with our food buying. We headed to our local supermarkdo, had a coffee and a chat and commenced battle with the trolley.

I will never know why people when the get into a shop leave their brains behind. By the end of the shop, I was flustered and anxious, which was not helped by an alarm going off at the next till continuously.


We had lunch, Hubs took Peanut out the house for a couple of hours and I folded all the washing from Mt Foldmore, put it all away and sorted the ironing. Yes, yes, I know we still do ironing.

I cooked a chicken, Hubs put the last of the ham and the joint to boil to make a soup, I made some protein ‘muffins’ (500g sausages take skin off, cook with half an onion, four mushrooms, divide across 12 muffin cases, grated cheese on top; beat 12 eggs with 120ml each double cream and water, season and herb to taste pour over till each case is full, cook in oven 180c for 20-25 minutes until skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool in case so they set, completely cool down on rack, chuck in fridge, eat two for breakfast and bask in prepared ahead glory), all up about 18 portions in an hour or so.

But as for my thirty minutes? It was sitting down, listening to an audiobook (on 1.5 speed, you don’t lose anything when you get used to it but means you can get through books and podcasts quicker) and folding the washing. Odd I know, but I was sat down, doing some Professional Development, doing a mindless, repetitive job, that needed to be done.

I would be remiss if I don’t call your attention to the last day of the sale: some items have gone for good, but it runs till midnight tonight – get in quick!


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