Day one, #30Minutes30Days

My first thirty minutes to myself this month was an easy one. I gave myself a facial this morning.

So far so what? As it is all too easy to rush through your morning routine, particularly when you’re a working parent, I took advantage of it being Sunday and that we didn’t have to be anywhere until this afternoon. I concentrated on what I was doing, didn’t listen to anything, didn’t do anything other than use the products. Felt my fingers massaging my skin, easing my way into the day.

Last night we didn’t have the best sleep; it was hot, there was a party out the back of our house, then Peanut was woken up, he came into our room at the front as he couldn’t get back to sleep again. Just as we were getting off to sleep, fireworks, then the cat decided to chase a moth around the house. I should also have the mother of all hangovers, but somehow managed to avoid one.

Tomorrow I’ll be up and at ’em to go for a run in the CBD, no luxurious start – I’m sleeping in my running kit so I don’t have to change into it in the morning! My promised 30 minutes of exercise today was walking round the MCG with Peanut. We’ve changed seats three times as it was raining, we are now up in the gods, the stairs are good for your buns. I’m typing this as Guy Sebastian sings, the whole crowd is singing along with him. Darryl Braithewaite was supposed to be here too, but he’s poorly.

I must go, the cricket is going to start – but I want to blog each day. Happy New Year everyone!

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