A product of the product

I had a great long weekend a public holiday (for an AFL football parade, natch) gave us Melbournians a three-day weekend. I could get used to them, although I did spend all day on Friday convinced it was Saturday and you never get straight when you’ve got the day wrong in your head do you?

Saturday was a bit of a blur, Hubs was off to the Grand Final after flying in from Western Australia the night before and I had an open house for Arbonne, the time we were at home together I was finishing off the cleaning and arranging supplies. We were ships that passed in the night and we’ve still not really caught up from his week away.

Sunday the clocks changed, springing forward, bringing lighter mornings, a mild case of jetlag through the household and shaking your child awake so you can get out the house to work on time. Poor Peanut, he was sound asleep when Hubs tried to wake him up at 7am today. I’d been up since 5am as I went for a run, in high-vis clothing (be safe, be seen people). I got home feeling great, then realised I’d actually got myself up at 4am body-clock, so am expecting to crash any minute now…

I digress; Sunday I had multi-nation training, the first one I’d been able to attend with Debbie Loughnane, one of the first people in Australia to sell the products and also one of the most successful network marketers in the world. Around 400 of us piled into a hotel in Melbourne, some flew in from NZ, some interstate, others watched online. In a room full of women and six men, one of the amazing things is the support we give each other. There is no bitching, no snide remarks or any of the other behaviour expected when a gaggle of girls gets together – simply because of the culture, it’s simply not tolerated. We are sisters, lifting each other up and cheering each other on. I’ve never known such an incredible, powerful group of people, the energy yesterday was fizzing, despite the clocks changing.

One glorious leader Rebecca asked us to think about if we are products of the product. She shared that she’d put on the fake tan on Saturday and was really pleased with the even colour she’d got on her legs; except she’d forgotten to take her socks off. I nearly fell off my chair laughing as she kicked up her heels for us to see. Rebecca is wonderful because she is so authentic to herself and reminds us that  you don’t need to be a girly girl (THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!)

But seriously, how many products do we all use daily? Here’s my list from this morning (in order):

  1. Lip balm (it was cold this morning!)
  2. Shampoo
  3. Shower gel (second favourite product)
  4. Face wash
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Serum
  7. Intelligence Oil (seriously, my most favourite-ist product)
  8. Eye cream
  9. Contouring cream
  10. Face moisturiser
  11. Deodorant
  12. Primer
  13. Foundation
  14. Concealer
  15. Powder
  16. Bronzer
  17. Blush
  18. Eyeliner
  19. Mascara
  20. Brow pencil
  21. Lipstick
  22. Hand wash
  23. Hand-cream

That list doesn’t include the Pre and Post workout supplement I took before / after my run, nor the shake I’m going to have either in between meetings and heading out the office, or the protein bar I stash in my handbag for rumbles. It also doesn’t include the fizz-sticks and hydration powder I’ve added to my water to stave off my predicted early afternoon slump.

I don’t love these products because I sell them, I sell them because I love them. I’ve had more compliments on my skin in the past three months than I ever have before. Even if I just put primer on and fluff on some powder (technical term) my skin tone is evened out, dewy and supple. Watching a variety of women of all ages from 18-80 talk over the past few months, it’s lovely watching people growing old gracefully and it’s amazing how well people look without the flat-screen TV forehead of botox.

I wanted to share the list of twenty-odd products with you, because I know exactly what is in each of them. With your skin care and wellness products, do you know what is in them? Have you seen how many products have petrol bases? That people put on their skin, or on their children’s skin? It’s scary.


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