I’m on a mission!

Last night I hit a wall. Three nights of disturbed sleep in the past week, getting up at 5:30 to meditate and complete personal development cumulated in ‘I need an early night’.

I was at work late, called Hubs to check he only needed milk, he reminded me that I needed to collect our toasted that had arrived after a store-to-store transfer. I was tired, I had forgot all about it. I toddled down to the plaza, headed to a supermakardo, brought some mushrooms to make a curry. But realised I wasn’t going to be able wait the half hour an promptly spent 10 minutes trying to find a spinach and paneer curry that I love. So much for saving time, as I walked right past the sodding thing twice.

Anyhoo, I got home, with toaster, nuked my dinner, watched an episode and a half of Friends while I cradled the bowl and drank some wine. Then I gave myself the night off.

I dug out Grand Budapest Hotel, guffawed for 90 minutes (such a joy when so many films are over two and half hours long). Listened to deep relax by Andrew Johnson, conked out and woke up when my alarm went off this morning.

Look out world, I had at least seven hours of sleep – I feel like a new woman.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the CBD for day one of a two-day workshop, it’s gonna be huge. I’m riding the wave of change here folks.

What do you think..?

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