Gold Coast ahoy, a chance to thaw out

I’m heading off to an Arbonne conference next month, my first one. It’s very exciting and a bit daunting too. I’ve never been to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast (tad further north) a few times as we’ve family up there. I’ve driven past the high-rises on the way through to the out-laws, but never stopped off.

A whizz-bang, up on the Thursday, back on the Sunday, trip. Makes a change for me to be travelling for work!

Now all I have to do is work out what to wear to the costume party on the last night. Was thinking Mary Poppins. Will see what I can pull out the cupboard. Fitting into my clothes is proving interesting; I’m down to two skirts, two pairs of jeans and not much else at the moment o.O will have to do a concerted effort at the meal replacement shake thing for a few weeks!

We had an odd day at work; the computer systems were running very slow, the printers were being replaced, IT were in the building most of the night trying to sort things out. We had to get a mail out, most of which had been done yesterday, out the door too. Not easy when you can’t print, but we made it with half an hour to spare. Not quite the day I had planned, but it was a day.

Also had a sleep seminar first thing, for which the scientist was late – the irony. I took some pointers away which I will try and incorporate, not so many layers on the bed, but yes I can use a hot water bottle. Have a hot drink before bed, it raises your temperature  slightly and as it falls, promotes sleepiness. Eat breakfast outside when the sun comes up. Not sure about that one in this weather: 1) Baltic 2) Grey skies 3) I’m in hibernation 4) Too blooming cold 5) Brrrrrr

Tomorrow I’m off to a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting with another PA, it’s a forum that’s only been recently re-convened. If it keeps going, it will be worth it, there are lots of SIG throughout local government, ranging from Planners to Environmental Health to Regulatory Services. Sharing ideas and issues across the industry is valuable, but the last meeting we went to, we had to watch a video spruiking a completely unrelated company and how great they were. Learn your audience people!

I’ve also been asked to be taped within the organisation I work for about #AdminChat, the forum I set up for support / admin staff. We meet monthly, discuss anything from how to cope with working with difficult people to what does ‘excellence’ look like on a day-to-day basis. I’m being interviewed to help promote the new vision – and I’m in dire need of a haircut, typical. While I’m on here, if you’ve any ideas for a topic for us to discuss next month, let me know! I named it the same as the hashtag as it’s such a valuable resource on Twitter.


PS if you’ve not found this, you’re in for a treat, Garfield cartoons. Without Garfield. Genius existential crisis!


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