Ten on Tuesday – things to do outside edition

Carole has asked for ten things we love to do outside. Anyone else want to twirl their moustache and wink at this one, or is it just me?

1. Swim – after a lifetime of competing as a teenager, I struggle to swim for pleasure. Playing about with Peanut or his cousins is fine, but up and down and up and down, it’s boring. However, swimming outside, when I can look at the clouds, or trees, is great. When I was pregnant, I would swim before work in a heated 50m pool, it was lovely. I have only swum in freshwater once, we were on a weekend break in Mansfield, it was stinking hot and swimming in the river was glorious. I love wafting in the sea too, which will be achieved in May.

2. People watch – I love people watching anyway, but sitting in Federation Square, or by the Yarra in Melbourne, or anywhere – it’s lovely getting the sun on my face and whiling away a few minutes.

3. Eat – everything tastes better outdoors doesn’t it?

4. Read – preferably on a beach, with a cocktail.

5. Run – so much nicer to run outside than run on a treadmill. I tend to visit the gym at lunchtimes, I have to put up with four TVs showing four different day-time channels, ranging from Dr Phil to Ellen to Hallmark movies or home shopping, all with subtitles as you can’t hear anything over the music. If I got to the gym in the evening, I have to put up with testosterone filled men banging weights down as they don’t lift properly. I then jump in surprise, which is problematical on a moving surface.

6. Star gaze – bit difficult to do this inside.

7. Cloud watch – one of my most favourite things, and one I’ve managed to pass onto Peanut too. We often loll around looking at the shapes they make. Best one by far was like a Star Destroyer, much to everyone’s amusement.

I can’t think of anything else, my bad. There is probably loads of things I’m missing, but my brain is befuddled with a cold at the minute.

I know I love fresh air. As soon as there is a dry day, I run around the house to open all the windows, letting air in. Hubs runs around the house as soon as it starts to get dark to close them all again so we don’t let the heat out. I also really love ironing clothes that have been hung outside over those that have dried inside the house. Yes, yes, I know – ironing.

The cold I have is duplicated threefold (if that’s mathematically or theoretically possible?) in our house, as we’ve all got variations on it. Bumping into a friend this morning, both her children had colds too, the family we had a play date with on Monday had the sniffles. The children running around in Peanut’s room at Kinder all have green noses, it’s revolting. The weather has changed (autumn has arrived) so the office is also full of people sneezing and blowing their noses. This isn’t helped as we all now sit in hermetically sealed boxes with no windows open, so germs just go round and round ad infinitum.

Back in my day, I worked in an office with an ashtray on the desk, windows that could open, a tea trolley and subsidised staff canteen too.

But then I also worked 27 hours a day down a mine, and came home to a cardboard box and ate coal as well.

What do you think..?

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